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Unique equipment slot for each archetype?

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    February 6, 2017 9:00 PM PST

    Just tossing an idea out there ... what do you think about each archetype having their very own unique equipment slot?  (In the case of DPS/Quaternity, it would be split up between Melee/Caster DPS with control classes being split, such as bards in melee, enchanters in caster)  Examples:

    Tank:  Secondary shield equipped on on their back.

    Healer:  Ethereal Auras.

    Melee Control / DPS:  Poisons

    Caster Control / DPS:  Familiars  --  stats only, doesen't attack (Summoners get 2 pets!)


    While each archetype would have totally different items, they could all be balanced to be just as effective stat wise ... for example: Tank shields could give 20 STA, healer auras give 20 WIS, melee poisons give 20 DEX, caster familiars give 20 INT.  Obviously there can be different tiers/qualities, I was just trying to illustrate that all archetypes would benefit the same.  The secondary tank shield, for example, would be a completely different item than primary shields.  Tanks wouldn't be able to equip a standard shield on their back.  I have seen poisons/familiars in other games, but never as an equippable item with stats.  Anybody have any input on why this shouldn't be done?  I think it would be a cool way to add some extra flavor to each role ... they all get something special!  I know this doesen't really accomplish anything significant gameplay wise ... just thought it was something different that some people might like.  This game is all about The Pantheon Difference after all.  =D