Greetings, Pantheon fans,

While the team continues work on animations, environment, systems, programming, and integrating the new, cleaner version of the Perception system, I wanted to take a moment to talk a little about how Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is funded, and to introduce our newest revenue generator.

As you probably already know, the bulk of our funding comes directly from you, through crowdfunding. Your pledges allow us to keep the lights on and keep the team fed. Any time we see an increase in revenue, our creative and finance folks put their heads together to decide where it can best be invested in Pantheon. Do we bring on a permanent team member? Do we hire an outside contractor? Do we buy new tools? Or something else entirely? This process keeps us nimble in development and can accelerate production timelines.

We want to make sure each and every pledge is thanked appropriately, so we have a whole slew of different pledge rewards on offer. To date, we have received positive feedback about the pledge rewards, and we will continue to make tweaks from time to time, based on your feedback.

For some time now, we’ve heard a lot of people ask where they can get Pantheon merchandise, such as tee-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, and backpacks. We’re happy to say that you can start gearing up with Pantheon today at our new Pantheon Merch Store! Here’s the great bit: every bit of profit from the store goes into making Terminus a reality.

To keep things interesting, every month we will feature an all-new, time-limited offer on new Pantheon merchandise. This month, we present a t- shirt featuring the mysterious Janis Sova. This item will only be available until October 16th, when a new exclusive item will take its place.

Head on over to the merch store, have a look and see if anything piques your interest!

From the entire team, thanks for your continued support to bring Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen to life. We couldn’t do it without you.