August Newsletter


Posted date / 08.21.19

While our team has been at work the last several months working on Project Faerthale, we know that this newsletter has been one of the strongest connections between the fans and the developers. We strive to provide quality content while keeping our impact on the team to a minimum, and based on your feedback, we’ve succeeded. Nearly everyone at Visionary Realms plays a part in, or has played a part in, bringing this newsletter to life every month, and they do so with enthusiasm and joy. We’re as excited about bringing Pantheon to you as you are to receive it.

One member of the team however has been the lynchpin that has held this monthly missive together, and without their steady guidance and vision, it may have long since been retired. Though Roenick may be more famous for his epic deaths and seemingly endless string of corpses that have highlighted many of our streams, his best moments have been the artistic creativity and passion he brings each and every month to us and our community. Not all heroes wear capes!

August’s newsletter begins in earnest with an Underwraps that is a must read. Ben Dean further illuminates our team’s recent progress and begins to map out our path going forward. Next up is a look at two of the systems that separate Pantheon from other games in the genre: Acclimation and Climate. We have discussed these two systems in the past, but the really exciting part of this feature is that we can now showcase them in greater detail. Moving on, we meet The Tohrn Elves, a fanatical, secretive sect that make their debut as we explore their creation from Concept to Model. We’ve recently begun to reveal some of the more influential inhabitants of Terminus in our Signature Characters feature. This month we are introduced to Arak'amel Dhaun, a fearsome Ogre Dire Lord who embodies the clans Three Virtues. Finally, we close it all out with our beloved Community Spotlight. August finds us getting to know Wisdom, a streamer whose videos on Pantheon are insightful and humorous, with a style that is very unique.