Posted date / 11.14.18

Hello all Pantheon fans

It has been a busy and exciting month. There’s quite a bit to cover so I’ll attempt to keep my editorializing to a minimum… (he said, knowing full well his penchant for the dramatic would inevitably conflict in herculean proportions against his intent to be concise.)

Pre-Alpha 4 Begins

The team has been hauling butt on preparing a new zone, new races, harvesting and adding more classes to the game. We are happy to say the efforts have culminated into a solid date for Pre-Alpha 4 where our testers will be able to see an early rendition of Faerthale and try out the newly modeled elf, ogre and halfling races. PA4 testers will also be able to try all classes for the first time. Harvesting is also available in PA4 for its inaugural debut. Pre-Alpha 4 is slated to run 3 times a week for 12 sessions between November 25 and December 20.

Get in on Pre-Alpha

Our technology and server performance have steadily improved over development so we are now able to add more testers to pre-alpha testing. Please remember that this should NOT be considered early access but rather a chance to truly test Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen in its early stages in a state that most gamers will never experience. It’s a behind-the-scenes experience rather than a full game experience. Pre-alpha pledges are now open again and you can pick one up for a limited time on our pledge page.

Pantheon Welcomes The Brasse

In an extraordinary tale of dragons and dwarves, we welcome Linda “The Brasse” Carlson to the Pantheon team. Linda is no stranger to MMOs, having been the Director of Community Relations at SOE, Daybreak and most recently Trion Worlds. She is currently consulting Visionary Realms on Community Relations so expect to see her around a bit and be sure to say hello! We are very excited to have her and we are sure many of you will recognize her from some of your favorite games too. Let’s give her a warm Terminus welcome, shall we?

More Team Members Incoming

The Brasse isn’t the only one joining the team. We are also expanding our art and tech teams. The available technical positions will be posted shortly. In the meantime we posted several art positions and the response has been nothing short of amazing. We have received some truly talented applications and are in the process of narrowing down the candidates. Be on the lookout for announcements soon on new team members.

Continued Expansion with your Support

While our existing levels of funding have allowed us to expand the team over the last couple of months, due to recent events a lot more talent has become available in the San Diego region. In an effort to welcome more of these fine veterans to the team we have opened a special pledge drive this month. This pledge drive is separate from the regular pledges as it does not include a copy of the game or other regular perks. It does, however, offer unique rewards as a thank you for your continued support. If together we can reach our funding goals through this drive we will be able to bring on these seasoned artists and thus bring Pantheon’s alpha and beta to you sooner. You can offer your additional support on the November 2018 Pledge Drive page.

Sneak Peek – Ogres, Halflings and Elves

Unable to join Pre-Alpha 4? Not to worry, we have you covered. Here are a few sneak peek shots of the new in-game models.

Thank you all again for your continued support. The Pantheon Dream is steadily becoming a reality because of your passion, pledges, drive, and encouragement.

Ben Dean,
Producer, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Now let's head on over to our next step, Behind the Design: Perception!