Three Class Reveals in One Month!

Posted date / 05.16.18

Even though we say this a lot, we still can’t say it enough; our community is simply the best. The feedback and support we’ve received since PAX East has been nothing short of amazing, interest in the game is reaching the stratosphere and response to our PAX East Pledge package exceeded even our lofty expectations. Not only does this support sustain us in terms of development costs, it feeds our creative output and keeps us focused on bringing the world of Terminus to life. Lots of games may talk about community, but few have ever been forged from it like Pantheon has, and that cornerstone will always be the foundation of everything we do.

May’s first feature, Rogue, Ranger and Monk Class reveals, are so awesome that we gave them a permanent spot on our website instead of trying to contain them within these pages.

We continue our series that focuses on the various inhabitants of Terminus as this month’s Rogue’s Gallery introduces us to the North Tusk Orcs

Our team had a fantastic time at PAX East and you can read all about it in our PAX East Highlights – which includes a link to a great video by our friend Bazgrim.

We finish out the month with our latest Community Member Spotlight, the ever elven Temmi!

Time for a look at Rogues, Rangers and Monks. Let's do it…