Plate Lovers Rejoice, New Team Member and New Feature Unveiled!

Posted date / 06.11.18

While summer is a time where many people enjoy relaxing vacations or begin working on their tans, the team at Visionary Realms is heads down, excitedly working on the final touches of the next Pre-Alpha client. As our team grows, so too grows our ambition, dedication and resolve. Shifting the MMORPG paradigm is no easy task, but one we know can be done; and thanks to the support we have from our awesome community, realizing that goal grows closer each day.

This month we expand our character reveals as three new additions as the Dire Lord, Paladin and Warrior make their debuts.

We meet the newest member of our team, Jimmy Lane, who joins us in the role of World Builder.

We unveil a brand new feature: Under Wraps, that promises a look behind the curtain at what goes into making Pantheon.

And of course, no Pantheon newsletter would ever be complete without a spotlight on the one component that is most important to us,our community. This month’s interview features a crafting fanatic who goes by the name of Nephele.

Thanks for reading! Let's get to it…