Heals Incoming, Game Updates, and More

Posted date / 07.11.18

Our team is deep into the final stages of preparation for the next round of Pre-Alpha testing as I write this, and will be opening the servers for initial character creation on the day this newsletter is published, so this a truly exciting time for all of us here. We know our internal excitement is easily matched by that of the community, because your feedback, support and words of encouragement are the fuel that keeps us running every day.

One of the most direct means we have to show our love to you each month is here in this newsletter and we hope our passion for Pantheon shows in every article and feature that we produce. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy creating it, so head over to our forums and let us know how we're doing. If you don’t have forum access, please consider signing up, your help in creating the next generation of community focused gaming will be greatly appreciated

July sees the continuation of three of our most popular features - The Rogue’s Gallery, Class Reveals and, our newest addition, Under Wraps. The Rogue’s Gallery is our largest to date as it highlights the Giants of Terminus (we love bad puns here at VR) Our class reveals shine their light on the healer archetypes - The Cleric, Druid and Shaman and Chris Perkins continues to peel back the layers of development in this month’s installment of Under Wraps.

While those three features alone would be considered a full newsletter to most, we want to give you even more. This month we sat down with another key member of our development team, one of our Senior Programmers, Jason Weimann. Jason is a regular fixture in our VIP Discord channel and we thought it was time that you got to know him better.

We close out our newsletter, as we do every newsletter, with our most important feature - our Community Spotlight. It may seem cliche to say that, but when your an independent developer that relies on community support for it’s day to day operations, it really is the truth. This month Shucklighter sits down with Kilsin to reveal what they love about Pantheon.

Thanks for reading! Let's get to it…