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March's Pantheon Newsletter

Posted date / 03.08.17

The Chewy Goodness Behind Pantheon

No, our headline this month is not talking about gnome cookies or a dwarf bake. We’re talking about LORE. In this issue of the Pantheon newsletter Medawky talks with Loremaster Justin Gerhart on the story behind Pantheon, how Justin came aboard the team and the duo discuss some of the reasons behind the decisions in writing the huge story of Terminus.

We also take a look back at February in March’s ICYMI. The team is continuing to grow right alongside the community and the game itself. And talk about growth! Have you seen the new FAQ? It’s humongous! One could get lost for days in all that juicy Pantheon info.

Last, but not least, our community spotlight this month is all about Nick aka NickHotS. He says he’s thinking of a new name for Pantheon. Maybe we can help him out?

Read on! Or as Aradune would put it: “Panthe-on!”