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Posted date / 03.08.17

Here we grow again!

Pantheon has added three new team members in the past few weeks as we continue to ramp up production.

Robert Crane - Robert joins the team as a Senior Programmer. Robert has been writing games professionally since he was 21 (he is 45 now) and has been a senior developer for most of his career. He focused a lot on tools development but also excelled in rapid game prototyping and his focus in Pantheon will be to divide and conquer tasks with Daniel Krenn our CTO among other things.

He is a big fan of fantasy novels and of course, loves gaming, whether it be creating his own games or playing them and he now looks forward to helping us work on Pantheon.

Nick Reynolds - Nick a.k.a Jimmayus, joins the team as a Lore Historian. A diehard fan of the older era of Final Fantasy 11, he originally became interested in researching and writing explanatory essays on Pantheon's lore forums as a way to blow off steam from his job as an attorney. His primary responsibilities will include populating the dev-facing bestiary, lore glossary and timelines, writing explanatory memoranda and serving as a general living lore encyclopedia. He looks forward to working with both the team and with helping to grow the Pantheon lore community.

Aaron Thomas - Aaron joins the team as a Web Developer. Aaron has gained extensive experience throughout his professional life, he’s been an app developer, a web developer, a systems developer, and a project manager. He is passionate about all gaming whether it be AFL footy, soccer, card games or MMOPRGs. Aaron played a few MMOs starting with Ultima Online and continuing through EQ, DAoC, EQ2, WoW, SWG, Rift, ESO, EVE, SWTOR, FFXIV, GW2, etc. now he is excited to be part of the Visionary Realms team.

Jacob Williams - Jacob joins the team as a Web Developer. Jacob was working as a senior level software engineer prior to joining the team. He focuses on the back-end of applications, database architecture, server management & optimization. Jacob spent the majority of his formative years in Norrath and started his MMORPG career with Everquest when he was 11 years old. His first character was a Dwarf Warrior named Haminn.

Just the FAQs

We have made some pretty big changes to our FAQ page and spent a lot of time including some of the burning questions that the community has been asking. This FAQ is a living, evolving document. While we certainly endeavor to make the answers as accurate as possible, we also reserve the right to change or modify these answers as we get closer to beta and release. Some details are also intentionally left out because they warrant testing and tweaking during beta before making those details final. We will also be adding new questions as they occur to us and come from the community.

It's getting wild in here

While we release many screenshots throughout the month, these beauties from the Halfling city of Wild’s End seemed to generate the most buzz.

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