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January's Pantheon Newsletter

Posted date / 01.11.17

Ding! 2017!

The Community Managers met last month to try to come up with some ideas for January’s newsletter. First we began by discussing December’s Twitch stream with CohhCarnage to see what kind of goodies we could expand on from all the content shown there. As we were reviewing the fun-filled footage we got to thinking about the big changes Pantheon has gone through since our first stream in March. That discussion then led to the realization of all the cool things we’ve seen with Pantheon’s development through this past year. From the rousing streams and a world premiere at GDC; a dapper presentation in the keynote address at Unite’16; Brad’s diligently detailed AMA; a multitude of interviews and features on several major gaming websites; to huge growth not just on the Visionary Realms team but also in the community, 2016 was a formidable year for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and its fans.

Over the past year we have seen new character models; new zones; combat has been refined and many systems have gone into the game and have taken shape. We have boss battles, loot, quests, NPCs and dialog, inventory systems, an awesome magic system, the perception system, mana climates and atmospheres, and much, much more. It didn’t take long before our Community Manager discussion shifted from “what are we going to feature this month” to “how the heck are we going to include all of this stuff?”

The answer to that question lies within this newsletter. And spoiler alert: we couldn’t cram *everything* in. So instead Medawky spoke with some of the team and got their favorite moments from 2016 at Visionary Realms. Kilsin once again turned his focus to the community that got us here and had a chat with Kelem. We still wanted to show you a little more so we ventured back into the brumal grotto of Amberfaet where we caught up with Creative Director Chris Perkins and Loremaster Justin Gerhart to tell us more about this wondrous but secretive hollow.

So, dear friends, have a click. Here’s to 2017 bringing us even more to see, explore and experience in Pantheon and its community.

Benjamin J. de la Durantaye,
Director of Communications,
Visionary Realms, Inc.

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