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Amberfaet: A Cave's Mystery Explored

Posted date / 01.11.17

Tell us about Amberfaet and how it fits into Terminus.

Amberfaet is the second kingdom of the Dwarves. Yet unlike Khadassa, Amberfaet was so long pregnant with threats that it was sealed off for centuries by their king, Khazas. In its abyss dwells a force that predates the Deicide War and even the Dwarven arrival on Terminus, reaching back to the founding of their pantheon on the planet Oldassa. It is governed primarily by the Forgotten, a neglected, hostile splinter of the Dwarves who followed that ancient force in the wake of their coming to this world. Because it was sealed off for so long, it is underexplored and has remained hauntingly preserved from fortune seekers and nominal adventurers.

If the capital city of Khadassa is a sun to their people, then Amberfaet is a dark moon cast adrift by dueling gravities.

How hard is it to get to the toughest boss in the zone, and just how tough is he?

To put it in terms native to Terminus, the "boss" was once sought out by none other than the Ravaging Lord Ittero, leader and progenitor of the Revenant. Yet as the instigator of the Deicide War was about to knock upon the door of this mythic power, he hesitated. After brief contemplation Ittero withdrew, turning his accompanying Revenant force around and marching back from whence he came. The great power that dwells behind that door was not seen then and hasn't been seen since, even by the most fanatical followers. TL;DR: the boss will not be easy.

What kinds of secrets does Amberfaet hold for the diligent adventurer?

Well Joppa already teased some of the crafting intrigues that lie within the belly of the Amberfaet beast -- which if you didn't catch in the most recent stream I strongly recommend you go do so. Amberfaet will have utility in the form of a forge and master who can craft items of rare ability, due to the inherent temperature extremes found far below the frozen ground. In general, Amberfaet will feature a high threshold of risk and reward amidst some of the oldest and least turned over stones in the Dwarven heritage. Expect climate acclimation to figure significantly as well as some of the most challenging aspects of group gameplay. Current designs are to make the aforementioned boss encounter uniquely authentic to that great mystery who dwells in the darkest corner of Amberfaet.

What level ranges is this zone designed for and is it more group-centric or is it a raid zone?

Amberfaet is definitely a group-centric zone. To put it simply, you could think of Amberfaet as divided into an Upper and Lower zone. What we showed in the most recent Twitch stream was a section of Upper Amberfaet. This is not a raid area but a high level, group-centric area designed for players level ~38-50. There is a long bridge in Upper Amberfaet that players must find and cross which leads to the raid zone of Lower Amberfaet.

What makes Amberfaet different from other dungeons one may see in other MMOs?

Probably the most distinctive difference would be the non-linear, vertical dungeon design. It is a sprawling, icy maze that goes up, up, up. The Climbing skill will play a big role in the ascent and exploration of the area, and we think players will really enjoy getting "off-rails" in such an expansive and dangerous environment.

How many players can the zone support?

Once finished, the zones should comfortably support 80-100 people.

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