August's Pantheon Newsletter

Posted date / 08.09.17

Greetings Pantheon Fans, and welcome to August's newsletter.

In our continuing efforts to introduce you to the incredibly talented team here at Visionary Realms who are busily crafting the new standard of immersive, community-based MMO, we have highlighted a vast array of members of the creative team. You’ve met John, Corey, David, Tod, Justin, Chris and Brad. We’ve even introduced you to many of the new faces that have come onboard since we completed our Series A Funding, but creating something as massive as the world of Terminus requires more than just brilliant lore, immersive writing, clever coding and stunning artwork.

This month we are spotlighting three very important members of our team whose tireless efforts are as vital to moving us towards launch, and beyond, as our developers are. Meet Lynn Ashworth, our Project Manager, Sierra Rush, our CS Lead and VIP planner and Benjamin Dean, our Director of Communications.

Also this month we announce the winners of our Patch Notes Caption Contest, and as a special treat we have the promos from Comic-Con for you in a high resolution, downloadable format. And don’t forget to check out our monthly community spotlight, this month with CanadinaXegony.


Meet Lynn Ashworth, Project Manager