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September's Glimpse into Development at Visionary Realms

Posted date / 9.14.16

Welcome to the September Newsletter!

One of the challenges of bringing a game to life, especially one as advanced and complex as Pantheon, is keeping our loyal fans’ appetites for new information properly sated. No one feels this duty more than our development team as they seek to balance their burning desire to tell you all of the cool things they are doing with the reality that the systems and features we are creating are continually evolving. Couple that with the frenetic pace of the creative process and you will quickly understand the paradoxical life of a developer. But fear not, we are continually working hard to bring you the updates and glimpses of content that you are so hungry for. Last month we shared with you some of our internal testing patch notes, this month we peel the curtain back even further to reveal an insightful interview about the creative process with our Lead World Builder; John Diasparra and continue our Community Member Spotlight series.

Welcome to Pantheon’s September 2016 Newsletter. Enjoy!

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