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November's Pantheon Newsletter

Posted date / 11.09.16

Here we are in November already! So much has happened this year that we can’t believe we’re almost back to the holiday season.

In case you missed it Brad and Corey just got back from Unite 2016 where a whole new audience was able to take a look at Pantheon for the first time. Many of you reading this letter will already be familiar with some of the areas that were shown in the demo but we bet you haven’t seen the new player model that was shown in-game. And if you have please let us know because that means someone has just upended the whole bean container on the ground and Kilsin’s going to have a field day. You can check out Brad and Corey on stage at Unite 2016 here.

Immediately after Unite CM Jason “Medawky” Bolton had a chat with Senior Designer Corey LeFever. Bending his ear a bit Corey gave Jason an inside look into the day-to-day at Visionary Realms. Not to be outdone, CM Ben “Kilsin” Walters had a chat of his own with Community Member Dullahan.

Join the CM duo as they dig deep on hard-hitting topics like video game design challenges and what class Dullahan plans to roll on server launch. Welcome to the November 2016 Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Newsletter. Have a click to get started.

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