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Streaming Into The New Decade

Posted date / 02.05.20

We keep our video centric train rolling in 2020 with a plethora of streams to help satisfy those Pantheon cravings. Ben “Machail” Dean recaps our recent output in our newest Producer’s Letter, where he also reveals the latest Patch Notes from our internal client, spills some beans on what our next stream will reveal and discusses what the team will be focusing on in over the next couple of weeks. Pull up a chair and take a look!

Seasons Greetings

Posted date / 12.22.19

For December we feature our latest Producer's Letter from Ben Dean that highlights a fantastic stream with CohhCarnage, where we give a sneak peak to Faerthale and unveil our new logo, Our video newsletter with Ben, Chris Perkins and David Schlow, who do a deep dive into Combat Resources, and we invited our friend CohhCarnage back to play some Pantheon in our latest Developer Live Stream. Ben closes the letter with a candid look at the state of the game and a state of the team. Let's Go!

Pantheon Newsletter Levels Up

Posted date / 10.30.19

Our all new video format debuts this month! Our hosts David “Roenick” Schlow and Ben “Machail” Dean kick it off as they guide us through two awesome features from Chris “Joppa” Perkins - a complete look at Racial Passives and an all new Burning Questions. Resident loremaster JN Gerhart takes us Behind the Design of the Spriggan. and the team finishes the broadcast off with an exciting announcement about an upcoming stream with our friend CohhCarnage. The written version also features a Producer’s Letter from Ben Dean and our longest running feature, our Community Spotlight. Let's Go!

Summer’s Gone But the September Newsletter Stays Hot

Posted date / 09.18.19

The September newsletter keeps the heat turned up with our newest Under Wraps, that has information on funding and an exciting reveal. Joppa is up next as he tackles some of your Burning Questions about class design. We catch up with Will Barry this month to discuss some of the finer points in crafting the Weapons of Terminus. A Formal introduction is made to Janis Sova, a master of deception known as The Queen’s Thief in this month’s Signature Character. We wrap it all up with September’s Community Spotlight, an adventuring Elf known as Stellarmind. Let's Go!

Climate and Acclimation,Tohrn Elves, Arak’amel Dhaun, and Wisdom Take the August Stage

Posted date / 08.21.19

Our August newsletter turns it up with a scorching hot Underwraps that dives deep into some encouraging team milestones and hints at the awesomeness that’s coming soon. The Acclimation and Climate systems move from concepts to reality as Joppa takes us deeper into the mechanics of these exciting features. Art and lore take center stage as we explore the Tohrn Elves, from Concept to Model. Next up is our newest Signature Character reveal, Arak’amel Dhaun, a powerful Ogre Dire Lord whose story you won’t want to miss. We bring it all home with the August Community Spotlight—Wisdom, a smooth talking streamer who used to keep his gaming habit on the down low, but is now proud to drop some gaming knowledge for all his baby birds. Let's Go!

Anniversaries, Artwork, and Animation are Awesome!

Posted date / 07.24.19

If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then the July Newsletter’s level is well over 9000! We kick off the month with Under Wraps, which celebrates its one year anniversary as a feature, with an introduction to our newest team member and a video of the new and exciting features he’s helping to create. Next up is an in-depth look at part of the process of building Faerthale, complete with some amazing concept art. Lore fans will rejoice as our newest Signature Character, an Archai known as Bel-Iris, is revealed. Going back to the animation theme, we have an interview with Fernando Flores in which he shows off some of the newest spell animations he has been working on. Our final feature is our Community Spotlight, where we meet BigDogChris, who longs to explore Avendyr’s Pass IRL. Let's Go!

Summer Solstice Sparks Sizzling Stories

Posted date / 06.19.19

As we descend into summer in the Northern Hemisphere, we felt it only appropriate to turn up the heat in our newsletter as well. Under Wraps returns with a ton of exciting news. We have a comprehensive dossier on Faerthale, the much anticipated zone that we’ve been working hard on over the past few months. We introduce our first in a series of Signature Characters, Thaeoyln Greyborne, a fierce leader of the Ember Elves. Next up is an interview with a member of our Q&A team, Tyler Stokes, who many of our supporters will recognize by his moniker Sacried. Of course our final feature is our Community Spotlight, where we meet Minus, who can’t wait to dive into Terminus and explore its immersive environs. Let's Go!

Motion, Magic, Managing, and Motivation Make May Magnificent

Posted date / 05.15.19

We aren’t sure if you’ve noticed, but we’re all in on alliteration here at Visionary Realms. We’re also 100% committed to maintaining an open line of communication and transparency with our community, which we discuss in this month’s Under Wraps. Interviews are the delicious meat in the center of this month’s information sandwich, including two fantastic Q&A sessions with members of our development team (Fernando Flores (more alliteration!) and Ross Armstrong), as well as in-depth interview with our Project Manager, Lynn Ashworth. Our Community Spotlight with Thorndeep wraps it all up. Let's Go!

The April Newsletter Showers Your with Content

Posted date / 04.17.19

April arrives awash in announcements and alliteration. Under Wraps gets things going with a look at some of our emergent gameplay and information on an upcoming stream with our friend CohhCarnage. The fearsome North Tusk Orcs come to life in an interview with Justin Gerhart, Forrest Imel, and Will Barry. Next up, we shed some light on our Pledge Rewards and how they will be handled going forward. We have an insightful Q&A with one of the newest members of our Development team, Environmental Artist Ross Worthley. And putting the bow on the whole thing is our favorite segment, our Community Spotlight, introducing a crafting fanatic who goes by the surname of DracoKalen. Let's Go!

You Might Have Lost an Hour of Sleep, But You Gained an Awesome Newsletter

Posted date / 03.20.19

We spring into action to deliver our next timeless newsletter. Both Under Wraps and Behind the Design are back this month with Under Wraps diving deeper into the methodology behind Project Faerthale, while Behind the Design focuses on our Disposition system. Next, our producers and directors answer some of our community’s questions that we pulled in from our various social media accounts. We finish off our March Newsletter in style as we sit down with Vigilantee13 in our newest Community Member Spotlight. Let's Go!

Fighting Winter's Cold Chill with February's Hot Newsletter

Posted date / 02.20.19

As the polar vortex batters North America, we fight back by turning up the heat in February. Under Wraps continues its hot streak of peeling back the layers of Pantheon, Chris Perkins returns with a scorching new Behind the Design. Wielder of the blazing fiery swords himself, Brad McQuaid, sits down for an all new Q&A. And we finish with a warm-hearted Community Spotlight, showcasing community member Dorotea. Let's Go!

Kicking Off the New Year in Style in our January Newsletter

Posted date / 01.16.19

We kick off the new year in epic fashion as our newly expanded team returns from the holiday season refreshed, renewed and resolute on making 2019 our best year ever. The January Newsletter features an outstanding interview with one of our newest members - Lead Animator Ross Armstrong. We follow that up with a return to the compelling lore of Pantheon in The One Between the Winds Pt II. Game Producer Ben Dean is back with a new Producer’s Letter, where he recaps some of the highlights of 2018 and looks to what’s on the horizon for 2019. And, as is tradition, we end our newsletter with our favorite feature; the Community Spotlight - where we meet Chris Kane, who is still mulling over his in-game name! Let's Go!

We Put a Bow on 2018 with our December Newsletter

Posted date / 12.12.18

Communities around the world are celebrating a season of giving and fellowship this month and in that spirit of giving, we present our latest newsletter. Game Producer Benjamin Dean updates the state of team, development and gives some key information about Pre-Alpha in the newest iteration of Under Wraps. Our Rogue’s Gallery returns in style with a look at the Spriggan, an ancient and important race that is deeply rooted in the history of Terminus. Next up, we sit down with several members of our Pre-Alpha test for a Q&A session that delves into the Pantheon testing experience to date. We end our monthly missive with our newest Community Spotlight with an enchanting player who is known by the moniker of Janus. Let's Go!

Celebrate the longer Fall nights with an in-depth Lore feature in the November Newsletter

Posted date / 11.14.18

As the northern hemisphere reverts into longer, colder nights, there has never been a better time to grab your favorite blanket and curl up with our newsletter. We start with our newest iteration of Under Wraps, which highlights Pre-Alpha 4 and introduces the newest member of our team. We move on next to a brand new feature called Behind the Design, from there we delve into an amazing tale of lore fresh from the wilds of Faerthale - called The One Between the Winds, and we wrap it all up with our latest Community Spotlight. Let's Go!

Lycanthropy gets illuminated and we bring in the Harvest to celebrate the October Newsletter

Posted date / 10.10.18

October brings us cooler temps, pumpkin spice everything and, of course, Halloween. To keep with tradition we unveil a killer Q&A on Harvesting in Pantheon, our Rogue’s Gallery highlights the howlingly awesome Lycandrell, Werewolves, and Nightwolves, we peel a few more bandages off in Under Wraps and we bring it all home with our latest Community Member Spotlight with Maddoguk, a British fellow who longs for the in game death frequency that can only be satisfied by playing a Ranger. Trick or treat!

The Skar revealed and a Brand New Under Wraps highlight the September Newsletter

Posted date / 09.12.18

School’s back in session with Professors Justin Gehart, Forrest Imel and Jared Pullen as they discuss reimagining the Skar. Under Wraps returns with your fall semester Pre-Alpha curriculum and an update on Faethale. Plus: Our Community Spotlight this month features an ethics lesson on good and evil with Vandraad. Let’s hit the books!

Casters Unleashed, Dev Spotlight, Under Wraps Returns and a Rogue’s Gallery Reveal!

Posted date / 08.08.18

The long days and short nights of summer are the perfect environment to read the latest breaking news from Visionary Realms. August continues our streak of class reveals with the Wizard, Summoner and Enchanter. You’ll find a new addition to the Rogue’s Gallery and learn about the tragic history behind a very spooky enemy. Our Developer Spotlight features Senior Programmer Robert Crane and the one tradeskill he’s determined to make unforgettable. Under Wraps is back again with the juiciest inside scoops you’ve ever read about the Pre-Alpha timeline… and of course our Community Spotlight starring a very excited Ogre player: MauvaisOeil. Let’s dive in!

Heals Incoming, Team Member Interview, Rogue’s Gallery and Under Wraps Updates!

Posted date / 07.11.18

As the Northern Hemisphere boils and bakes with summertime temperatures, we here at Visionary Realms turn up the heat in our July Newsletter with some scorching content. Heading into the final stretches of our class reveals, we unleash the Healer Archetypes this month with the Druid, Cleric and Shaman getting their much anticipated updates and additions. Our Rogue’s Gallery feature returns bigger and badder than ever as we turn our attention to the Giants of Terminus. Joppa keeps us up-to-date on the inner workings of development as he continues our newest feature - Under Wraps. Finally, no newsletter would be complete without our Community Spotlight, with our hero of the month - Shucklighter. Check it out now!

Plate Lovers Rejoice, New Team Member and New Feature Unveiled!

Posted date / 06.11.18

The box office isn’t the only place to find the hottest features of the summer--we bring them right to you in our June Newsletter. Continuing our frenetic pace of class reveals, we bring the Dire Lord, Paladin and Warrior onto the red carpet this month. Making his full length MMORPG feature debut is the newest addition to our team: Jimmy Lane, who stars in the role of World Builder. Renowned Creative Director, Chris Perkins, premieres our newest blockbuster: Under Wraps - a look into the behind the scenes world of Visionary Realms and Pantheon. Not to be upstaged, we save the best for last as we interview Nephene, the latest community member to bask in the spotlight. Butter up that popcorn and head on in!

Class Reveals and Pax Recap Highlight the May Newsletter

Posted date / 05.16.18

We packed last month’s newsletter with so much content that we could have easily rested on our laurels and mailed it in this month, but that’s not who we are or what we’re all about at Visionary Realms. We were so overwhelmed at the response to our PAX East Pledge special that the whole team was energized and couldn’t wait to give back to our community. Our very own Chris Perkins really stepped up and delivered three awesome new class reveals – the Monk, the Ranger and the Rogue, JN Gerhart continues our series on the various inhabitants of Terminus as this month’s Rogue’s Gallery looks at the North Tusk Orcs, Ben “The Dreamcrusher” Walters comes through with this month’s Community Member Spotlight with Temmi and our team highlights their adventures in Boston with PAX East Highlights. Check it out now!

Now With Even More Content!

Posted date / 04.11.18

After an amazing week at PAX East we felt compelled to up our content game and give you not one, not two, but THREE amazing features this month, plus an awesome new Community Member Spotlight. We get the party started with a first look at a new feature called The Rogues' Gallery - an insightful overview of the various inhabitants of Terminus. We keep it moving with our first interview of Daniel Krenn, our Lead Programmer and Chief Technology Officer. We don't let up as we gather around the table for an in depth developer Q&A about Black Rose Keep and we save the best for last with our April Community Member Spotlight - Beefcake! What are you waiting for? Check it out now!

Spring has Sprung with our March Newsletter

Posted date / 03.14.18

Daylight Savings time may be messing with your sleep schedule, but we've made up for the lost hour in your life with not one, but two great features this month. We sit down with the team to learn all about the creation process for Armor in Pantheon, and we sneak into a possible repository for those rare drops - Halnir Cave, one of the first dungeons players may encounter in Pantheon. Last, but certainly not least, OneADseven is our featured community Member this month. What are you waiting for? Check it out now!

Sneaking a Peek at Elves; Looking Ahead to 2018

Posted date / 02.14.18

February's Newsletter is here and with it another juicy update from the man himself, Creative Director Joppa. Read the state of the game this month and get a first sneak peek at the Elves of Terminus. Check it out now!

January's Newsletter: 2017 in Review and a Look at Harvesting

Posted date / 01.17.18

2017 was a big year for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. We take a look back at some of the highlights and the team weighs in on some of their favorite moments. Then we move right into a glimpse of harvesting from designer Corey Lefever. And we wrap it all up with another Community Spotlight, this time from Anistosoles. Check it out now!

Pre-Alpha Launches Today; Grass Grows in Terminus – All in December’s Newsletter – Available Now

Posted date / 12.13.17

Today's newsletter is a bigun'! The day has finally arrived. Find out more about the pre-alpha launch of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and how you can still get involved before time runs out. Then, join Forrest and Tod for our monthly Developer Roundup (complete with new artwork!) And if that still doesn't whet your appetite, join Bruno on an inside look at the technology that brings Pantheon's grass to life. Check it out now!

November's Newsletter Recaps TwitchCon Highlights

Posted date / 11.15.17

The newsletter is here, and with it we have a bunch of shots from the TwitchCon floor. The team recaps some of their favorite moments and highlights how these shows charge the team with new energy.

Also this month, meet Kim, David and Bruno and find out what they've been up to on your favorite upcoming MMO. And don't forget to read the Community Spotlight on Kelenin this month. Check it out now!

The Halflings Are Coming

Posted date / 10.11.17

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen's October newsletter is arriving in your inbox and is jam-packed with halflings as we take a look at the creation process behind these folk. Don't miss the bundles of concept art and rendered models. Check it out now!

Summer's Ending but Pantheon's Just Getting Started

Posted date / 09.13.17

We've packed so much into this month's newsletter, you’ve got to open it NOW so it doesn't explode. We’ve got a monthly breakdown of what's been happening on the dev side. We take a look at all new lighting and how it impacts the visuals of Pantheon. We talk to Manouk. And hints at something cool coming this month. Check it out now!

Beat the heat with August's Newsletter!

Posted date / 08.09.17

Meet three of our amazing VR Team Members, laugh at our Patch Notes Caption Contest, download some beautiful promo images from Comic-Con and as always, get to know one of our awesome community members in this August Newsletter. Check it out.

"Bring Friends" Teaser Premiers at San Diego Comic-Con

Posted date / 07.17.17

What better way to celebrate Comic-Con than with a new Pantheon Teaser?

The "Bring Friends" trailer captures the philosophy behind the game. RPGs are most memorable, and most powerful, when they are enjoyed with friends. Become a hero - but don't do it alone. Watch it here.

Extra! Extra! July's Newsletter is Here!

Posted date / 07.12.17

One of our driving motivations behind Pantheon is our community. This month Brad weighs in on just how important community is to the life of an MMO like Pantheon. Also this month Zippyzee takes us behind the scenes to tell us more about the design of NPC AI. And we wrap it all up with another community spotlight, this time with Yarnila. Check it out.

June's Newsletter

Posted date / 06.13.17

June's newsletter is here filled to the brim with dev diaries. Find out what the team has been up to this past month, direct from their keyboards to your screen
June 2017 Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen newsletter.

May's Newsletter

Posted date / 05.09.17

May Newsletter: Streams, Monks and Insane Magicians -- May's newsletter recaps the two Pantheon Dev streams, digs in a bit deeper with monk deets and gives you a glimpse of the current patch notes.
Click to see the details.
May 2017 Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen newsletter.

Pantheon's Spring Stream Part 1

Posted date / 4.27.17

Pantheon's Spring Stream Part 1 is now available for viewing on YouTube. CohhCarnage returns to Terminus to try the Pantheon monk. In this stream we get a glimpse of enhanced gameplay mechanics, a first look at the acclimation system, new animations and more. Will the team survive monk pulling?

Visionary Realms Closes Series A Funding for Pantheon

Posted date / 4.26.17

Top news today as we announce the closing of Series A funding. What does this mean? Among other things we'll be able to expand the team. Read the full press release here.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Live Dev Stream

Posted date / 4.24.17

Don't miss the next Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Live Dev Stream with CohhCarnage April 27th 11am PDT and May 2nd 11am PDT at These streams will feature the monk, enhanced shaman mechanics, new zones and a glimpse at the acclimation system.

April's Newsletter

Posted date / 04.12.17

April's newsletter is no joke. We've got tons of stuff this month from new Twitch streams to Crafting and Harvesting info, to an all-new video on the Perception system and more. This is one month's newsletter you don't want to miss! April 2017 Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen newsletter.

March's Newsletter

Posted date / 03.08.17

What do Justin Gerhart, Archai, a giant FAQ and NickHotS have in common? Why, they're all part of the newsletter of course! We interview the Loremaster himself and take a look back at some of the highlights of February in the March 2017 Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen newsletter.

February's Newsletter

Posted date / 02.15.17

February is here and that means it's newsletter time! Join us for a whopper of a time as Joppa gives us a State of the Game, Medawky takes a closer look at the classes and races of Terminus, we revisit the new character models and of course, our community spotlight featuring Hokanu Narayana.

Lots to read this month in February's Pantheon Newsletter!

Game On - Visionary Realms Talks Pantheon & Industry Jobs

Posted date / 01.25.17

On a special episode of the Game On podcast, Visionary Realms takes over the podcast! Listen at  

Pantheon's Top 10 Moments of 2016, Amberfaet & More

Posted date / 01.11.17

In January's Newsletter check out the Visionary Realms team's favorite moments from 2016. We also have a nice chat with community member Kelem, plus Chris Perkins and Justin Gerhart will show you a little more of the wondrous but secretive hollow of Amberfaet.

New Twitch Stream and Shaman Gameplay revealed

Posted date / 12.07.16

If you’ve been following us on Facebook and Twitter you’re no doubt aware of our upcoming Twitch stream this Friday at 11am PST. We’re very excited about the stream as we will be exploring two new zones and revisiting some old ones. We’re also showing off new character models. You’re going to love these. To get ready for the stream this month we bring you a Shaman story which we think you’ll enjoy as it brings to life the spirit of playing a shaman. Also be sure to check out our latest Community spotlight with Evoras. Read more in December's Newsletter.

November's Pantheon Newsletter

Posted date / 11.09.16

Here we are in November already! So much has happened this year that we can’t believe we’re almost back to the holiday season. Brad and Corey just got back from Unite 2016 where a whole new audience was able to take a look at Pantheon for the first time. Immediately after Unite CM Jason “Medawky” Bolton had a chat with Senior Designer Corey LeFever. Not to be outdone, CM Ben “KIlsin” Walters had a chat of his own with Community Member Dullahan. Join the CM duo as they dig deep on hard-hitting topics like video game design challenges and what class Dullahan plans to roll on server launch. Welcome to the November 2016 Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Newsletter.

October's Pantheon Newsletter: VIP Q&A with the Dev Team

Posted date / 10.14.16

Our monthly newsletters are a labor of love for the team here at Visionary Realms, each one of us is so appreciative and thankful for all of our fans, supporters, backers and even our critics. This month we answer some of their questions in an exclusive Q&A session that took their questions directly to our team. In case you missed it, check out Brad's AMA where he answered almost every single question that came up! Not to be outdone, we threw some questions back at you in this month's Community Member Spotight.

September's Pantheon Newsletter Digs Deep into Developer Daily Duties

Posted date / 9.14.16

September is here and we know you've been waiting for the next newsletter. The wait is over! This month we have an exclusive chat with World Builder Extraordinaire, John Diasparra who bares all about his creative process and what it takes to make a world like Terminus.

Pantheon Just Became More Accessible

Posted date / 9.13.16

Today we are pleased to announced a new pledge tier. Starting at just $50 USD this entry-level pledge offers a digital copy of the game at launch, Supporter level access to the official forums, early name reservation and the in-game title of Pantheon Explorer.

New Pledge Tier Coming September 12th

Posted date / 8.19.16

Due to popular demand a new $50 pledge tier will be available September 12th. This new tier will be a bare bones entry level pledge and will provide a single copy of the game at launch, supporter level forum access, the in-game title of Pantheon Explorer, and early name reservation.

In addition to this new tier we will be removing the Knight's ($100) and Patron's ($150) pledges from the store. We are nearing capacity for alpha and access to it at this level is a thank-you to the early adopters. The two tiers being removed will be replaced with similar pledge tiers without alpha access to the game. So if you have been considering one of these tiers, act now before they go away September 12th.

If you have already purchased a Knight's or Patron's pledge, your pledge does not change. You will still have access to the alpha build of the game when it becomes available.

A Pantheon AMA, Community Matters & Spotlight, Patch Notes and More

Posted date / 8.9.16

August's Pantheon newsletter has been sent to inboxes all around the globe. Our all-new format has Medawky looking at the importance of Community, an interview with Pantheon fan extraodinaire, Raidan, and an exclusive first look at some of the internal patch notes

Next week Brad will also be on Reddit for an AMA at 1pm PDT Wednesday Aug 17th. Don't miss it!

Audio Landscaping - Designing the Sounds of Pantheon

Posted date / 7.13.16

Creative Director Chris "Joppa" Perkins tells the tale of how he first became involved with Pantheon and a peak into how his passion for music and sound still plays a major role in his dedication to the game. Read all about it in this month's feature spotlight...

True MMO Gaming for a New Generation

Posted date / 7.13.16

In other news this month Team VR has begun plans to start 'educating the masses.' Many older gamers who have experienced previous generations of MMO games understand the concepts that Pantheon aims to create. But there is a whole new generation who has yet to experience it. As such we are cooking up some darn cool ideas that are sure to be a ton of fun for both the classically-inclined and the current-gen gamer. Stay tuned to for more on MMO Renaissance Gaming 101 coming soon!

Latest HD Gameplay Stream now available on YouTube

Posted date / 6.24.16

The latest stream of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen gameplay is now available on YouTube! The Visionary Realms team is joined by Who's Gaming Now to explore Black Dagger Keep and into Halnir Cave. You'll get your first glimpse at the perception system and hear the answers to dozens of questions during the stream. Check it out at

All-New Twitch Stream, Big Reveals and More!

Posted date / 6.14.16

In the June newsletter issue, we take a closer look at the Shaman class and the story of the Black Rose. Plus, find out about our next live Twitch stream and VIP Roundtable in Pantheon's latest Newsletter. If you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet, you can do so here so you don't miss a beat of everything Pantheon.

State of the Game, May 2016

Posted date / 5.10.16

Pantheon's May newsletter is hitting inboxes everywhere! In this issue, Brad provides updates on Pantheon's development and we get an exclusive first look at the Black Dagger Keep area. Find all this and more in Pantheon's latest Newsletter.

Pantheon: Rise of the Followers Contest!

Posted date / 4.14.16

From now until May 10th you can enter our Pantheon: Rise of the Followers contest for a chance to win a Knight's Pledge or Alpha keys! Entering is simple. You can respond to this post on Facebook and tell us what you're looking forward to about Pantheon, or you can Tweet @PantheonMMO with #PRF. See the contest page to learn about even more chances to win.

Introducing Pantheon's Rogue

Posted date / 4.13.16

It Came from the Shadows...

Greetings Pantheon fans! In last month's newsletter we teased you a little with a closeup of the rogue you see above. This month we go in for a closer look. Traditional rogue fans will not be disappointed and, as one would expect from a rogue, she may have some tricks up her sleeve. Find out more about the Pantheon Rogue.

During last month's Twitch Stream we received some requests to get a closer look at the areas we were showing. In response to that we're pleased to let you know we have posted several brand new screenshots available in 4k resolution. You'll see the orc camps in vivid detail. Get a closeup of a Chamber of Souls. You may even find a rare spawn from the Union of Shadows somewhere within...

Visionary Realms at Game Developers Conference

Posted date / 3.21.16

Prior to GDC this year Visionary Realms debuted an early version of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen to the world for the first time via The response was greater than expected. Over 1500 concurrent users had tuned in to see Pantheon for the first time with over 8000 unique viewers in a single night. The chat channel in twitch remained positive and excited throughout the stream. An archive of the video and its chat can be found on Twitch.

The following week the team visited San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference. Inviting potential business partners, investors and press from dozens of backgrounds and locations, Visionary Realms continued to impress. Overwhelmingly positive feedback was given from nearly all in attendance with several network stories springing up in the wake. These articles can be seen on Game Informer, Gamers Nexus and A good start to 2016, Visionary Realms plans to continue wowing audiences as development of its flagship MMORPG continues.

Visionary Realms to Play Pantheon LIVE on Twitch - Friday, March 11th

Posted date / 3.8.16

This Friday, the 11th of March, tune in to at 4pm Pacific Standard Time to catch Visionary Realms playing Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen LIVE! We'll be showing off new areas, new features and even combat. This is one stream you won't want to miss. Bookmark today!

Wolfshead Online: A Glimpse into the Pantheon Development Process at Visionary Realms

Posted date / 3.3.16

Read Full Article at Wolfshead Online...

The Cleric Reveal

Posted date / 02.10.16

Hello all, Aradune here, and welcome to our next Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen newsletter! I’m really excited to start revealing information about Classes! It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for some time and I know the community has been quite curious as well.

Before you dig into what the Cleric is all about, I wanted to talk a bit about our philosophy and goals as it relates to all of Pantheon’s classes:

  • We want our classes to be both traditional and iconic. We know a lot of you identify with certain classes and we don’t want you to choose a certain class only to discover that we’ve changed the classic role of that class into something different just for the sake of change.
  • We then want to build on the traditional class and evolve the role in new and exciting ways without changing their core identity. A lot of this will be accomplished by adding flavor and distinctive abilities to those classes.
  • Even with this innovation and evolution, class interdependence is still extremely important. In recent years many MMOs have steered away from those core roles. Allow me to quote from the FAQ: Pantheon does indeed use a class based system, and those classes do fulfill roles, especially in group and raid contexts. There will also be opportunities to focus each class on more specific and specialized roles, especially at higher levels. That said, because we feel it’s important that classes fulfill distinct roles, creating interdependence is vital to a fulfilling social and cooperative experience. If everyone is the same, this simply cannot be achieved. Likewise, if every class is absolutely unique, grouping can become overly complicated and, in some cases, certain classes could be less desirable to have in a group than others. To avoid this, Pantheon will use a ‘quaternity’ system consisting of tank, healer, DPS, and crowd-control.
  • With our emphasis on truly engaging the world, making player vs. environment means more than only fighting NPCs. Most classes will also have abilities and spells that allow them to change the environment in a meaningful way. A great example would be the Druid. He will be able to influence the weather and by doing so truly affect that region of the world. Certain spells and abilities will work better or even only be possible during, say, a lightning storm.
  • We want to see synergistic or sympathetic spells and abilities. In other words, certain powerful spells and abilities will only be possible if two or more different classes work together.
  • We want to make sure hybrids are distinct yet still desired for a group. A Paladin, for example, will be able to adequately heal but not as well as a Cleric. That said, his other abilities, his diversity as a hybrid, will bring significant value to a group. In fact, all of our classes, core or hybrid will have unique roles and identity. Another example: the Ranger will be able to adequately fill a DPS role -- perhaps not the best, but his auxiliary abilities will bring to the table enough to make him desirable and, in some situations, even more desirable than a core class.

So, there you have it. I hope you find this as appealing and exciting as we do. We definitely have some interesting new twists and ideas to build upon the traditional iconic MMO classes. Read on about the Pantheon Cleric and let us know what you think!

Until next time,

Brad “Aradune Mithara” McQuaid

Chief Creative Officer & Gameplay & Tools Programmer

The Halflings are Coming! Introducing Wild’s End

Posted date / 12.08.15

Hey Folks, Kilsin here!

It's that time of year and we have a nice surprise for you this month. That's right featured in December is our new never-before-seen Halfling zone “Wild’s End” and with it we have some brand new screenshots and a fly-by video. Within Wild's End is my personal favourite area, Sorhiryth. It's a city made amidst GIANT TOWER OAKS. I'm sold; I will be creating my first character there (and likely experiencing my first death as I plummet from the trees to a dismal fate). Who’s with me? You can read all about Wild’s End here.

On the community front, we have seen a nice growth in new members supporting Pantheon and Visionary Realms across multiple platforms, which is fantastic to see! Some of you will notice that the forums are picking up a lot, and, as a result, there are tons of new discussions going on. Be sure to check them out and jump on in. The water's fine! Also remember that our new forums are on their way so there’s still plenty of stuff to look forward to in the next few weeks.

And coming down the pipe a bit later we have some plans for future community content and programs that we think are going to be a lot of fun so stay tuned for more on that as we will be asking for your input when the time comes. In the meantime, from everyone here at Visionary Realms, we wish you and yours the very best of holidays. See you all in Terminus soon!

In the wise words of our Creative Director, Chris “Joppa” Perkins (and in my best impersonation of Joppa’s voice with an Australian accent), Onwards and Upwards!

Ben “Kilsin” Walters Interview: Pantheon Devs on funding, Unity, and the launch window

Posted date / 11.24.15

Massively Overpowered interviews the Visionary Realms team on funding, Unity and projected launch date.
Read Full Article at

Pantheon Newsletter #1

Posted date / 11.10.15

Pantheon's first monthly newsletter is hitting inboxes everywhere! In this issue, Brad talks about the state of things at Visionary Realms and we get an exclusive first look at the Living Codex and how it plays a key role in your abilities. Find all this and more in Pantheon Newsletter #1 - November 2015. If you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet, you can do so here so you don't miss a beat of everything Pantheon.

Updated Atlas of Terminus

Posted date / 10.03.15

An expanded atlas of the game world of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has been released. The updated map reveals the vast continent of Kingsreach with a dozen new areas to explore.
View the Atlas of Terminus

Visionary Realms Aqcuires Seed Funding, Completes Prototype for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Posted date / 09.28.15

Carlsbad, CA - September 28, 2015 - Visionary Realms — a startup studio from globally renowned designer, Brad McQuaid — announced today that it has received the seed funding required to bring their first MMO game, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, through prototype and into alpha.

The funding came from an angel investor and has allowed Visionary Realms to expand its team, build a prototype of the game, and launch two new websites to showcase both the company and the game. Additionally the funding has granted the studio enough resources to bring the game into an alpha phase, where external players will get a chance to test it and provide early feedback.

“This has been a game changer for us,” stated Chief Creative Officer, Brad McQuaid. “We’ve been able to fill in some key roles, from artists to programmers and designers. This in turn has allowed us to complete the last pieces of the prototype and we are now preparing the game for alpha. Now is when things start to get really fun — we have a playable game we can soon start to show. We can’t wait to start bringing in players to get their thoughts.”

Visionary Realms aims to begin Pantheon’s alpha phase by the end of the year, ultimately targeting a 2017 release. EverQuest Creator Raises Seed Round to Build Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Posted date / 09.28.15

Visionary Realms have raised a seed round to fund development of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen...
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Visionary Realms Speaks at Gaming Insiders and Cloud Gaming

Posted date / 09.23.15

Making its first public appearance since the company was founded, Visionary Realms will have speakers at both Gaming Insiders and Cloud Gaming Summits this year.

At Gaming Insiders, Brad McQuaid and Benjamin de la Durantaye will be speaking with Michael Cai of Interpret in a Fireside Chat titled “Why the World Needs Another MMO.” In this session the group will discuss the impact of the past, the importance of the present and the potential of the future in MMO games. Attendees will find out how Visionary Realms aims to reinvigorate the genre by marrying old lessons with new ideas. The chat takes place at 10am PDT September 24th at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco.

Then, the following week at 10:05am PDT Tuesday September 29th at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, Brad will be joined by World Builder John Diasparra and Senior Software Engineer from Unity, Sean Riley. The trio will be a panel to discuss how to build an MMO game in Unity. They will cover all topics from logistics to technical hurdles and solutions and will also be fielding questions from the audience.

Pantheon’s Team Expands

Posted date / 09.23.15

After a year of independent development, Visionary Realms was able to expand its team even further this summer. Not all of the team additions are new, however—several faces have returned to the project after a few months away.

Among the returning members is Corey LeFever who is resuming the role of Senior Designer. He brings several years of experience working on Vanguard: Saga of Heroes as well as more recent work on mobile gaming. Corey is experienced with designing MMO systems, mechanics, tools and world population.

New to Visionary Realms is Jason Bolton who has joined the Community Management efforts. A former editor and insightful Community Manager, Jason is also an avid Pantheon fan. Jason is working as the Associate Community Manager alongside Community Manager, Ben Walters.

Adam Tell joins the team as Programmer and Webmaster. Adam has a well-rounded technology background including coding, web development, and graphic design. He has a wealth of experience as a systems analyst and is accomplished with Windows, Unix/Linux, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, CMS, and more.

“It’s great to be able to see our team grow like this,” said Brad McQuaid, CCO. “Every day we’re seeing more and more progress on Pantheon, and with all these new hands on deck that progress is getting greater and greater. All the pieces are fitting together so well.”