THe Wizard

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Dark Myr




There are none that exist who have so obsessively studied the enigmatic and destructive nature of the arcane. While many Wizards are driven mad with this knowledge, often destroying themselves through lack of control, those who emerge stable under the weight of such power wield a force barely imaginable in awe and effect.

Group Role: Magical DPS, Utility

Combat Resource: Mana, Focus, Spell-Weaving


Wizards focus their studies on three schools of Magic: Fire, Cold and Arcane. In battle, the Wizard will gain a stacking Focus buff when an ability from one of these schools is first used. Each time a spell from the same school is used in succession, this buff will continue stacking until it reaches its stacking limit. The Wizard will retain the Focus buff until:

• A spell of that school is not used for a period of time causing the buff to fade, or

• The Wizard uses a spell from one of the other two schools resulting in a new buff being active.

There is rumored to be a fourth school of Magic discovered by certain recondite Wizards - devastating in effect and untethered to elemental constraints...

Focus: Fury of Flame (Passive) - As your Fury of Flame grows, your Fire spells will gain bonus Fire damage up to X%, bonus chance to critically hit up to Y% and will cost up to Z% more mana to cast.

Focus: Numbing Presence (Passive) - As your Numbing Presence grows, your Cold spells will lower your target’s Hate towards you up to X% per land. Additionally, the damage of your Cold spells will decrease up to Y%.

Focus: Arcane Affinity (Passive) - As your Arcane Affinity focus grows, your Magic spells will return up to X% mana to you when they land. Additionally, the Mana cost and damage of your Magic spells will decrease up to Y%.


While adventuring, Wizards may discover scroll fragments connected to some of their core abilities. Once found, these fragments are scribed into the Wizard’s Living Codex and join with the core spell. Once joined, the markings become discernible and show the Wizard the secret of weaving these spells into successive, more powerful versions of themselves. In addition, Woven spells are instant cast and have no Mana cost.

Available Armor


Available Weapons

One-Handed Piercing
One-Handed Blunt
Two-Handed Staves
Certain One-Handed Edged
Certain Shields

Featured Abilities

Order of the Gatewalkers

Epic Skill. Wizards have the opportunity to prove themselves worthy of joining the Order of the Gatewalkers, consisting of Wizards who have mastered the power to travel through the Gateways that exist on Terminus. This prestigious order of Wizards has maintained a steady watch over these Gateways for ages, guarding their secrets and protecting them from destruction. The worthy Wizards who join this Order are expected to do the same.

Summon Arcane Familiar

Summon your Arcane Familiar. When it arrives, it will absorb Mana from the environment equal to X% of your Maximum Mana. While your Familiar is active, it will feed X% of the Mana it holds to you every Y seconds. Additionally, you may dismiss your Arcane Familiar at any time, instantly gaining Z% of the Mana it holds.

Summon Fire Familiar

Epic Ability. Summon your Fire Familiar. While active, it will allow you to retain your Fury of Flame focus while casting other schools of Magic.

Brand of Frost

You brand your enemy with frigid markings, lowering their resistance to the Cold school of Magic.

Brand of Embers

You brand your enemy with fiery markings, lowering their resistance to the Fire school of Magic.

Brand of the Arcane

You brand your enemy with resonating markings, lowering their resistance to the Arcane school of Magic.


You disappear in a flash of arcane energy and instantly reappear X meters ahead.

Sight of Sages

Your normal vision grows cloudy, but within the mist you are able to see invisible beings.

Shelter of Energies

You encircle yourself with resilient energy, increasing your Maximum Health by X and Armor Class by Y.

Fire Abilities


You evoke a burst of searing flame at your enemy, dealing direct Fire damage.

Char (Woven Spell. Requires Char Fragment)

Woven from Smolder to inflict increased Fire damage to your target with an X% bonus to critically land.

Engulf (Woven Spell. Requires Engulf Fragment)

Woven from Char to inflict increased Fire damage to your target and is guaranteed to critically hit. Additionally, Engulf inflicts high Fire damage-over-time for a brief duration.

Radiate Heat

You surround yourself with fiery mana for X duration, inflicting Fire damage to all enemies that strike you.

Fiery Surge

You release a wave of fiery mana all around you, dealing Fire damage to all enemies within X meters.

Evoke Fire

You release a sudden blast of fiery mana. The force of this ability will knock your target down if they are in a Weakened state.

Ember Arrow

You impale your enemy with a bolt of burning mana, dealing high Fire damage and causing them to Burn for X duration.

Ckru-Venoth’s Fiery Winds

You summon a tempest of fire-filled wind and direct it where to go. This ability deals FIre damage to all enemies in its path from you to the target location.

Ckru-Venoth’s Fiery Gale

Wizard’s may evolve Ckru-Venoth’s Fiery Winds into Ckru-Venoth’s Fiery Gale, dramatically increasing the FIre damage inflicted on enemies. In addition, when the tempest reaches its final location, it will dissipate in a violent explosion, dealing Fire damage to all enemies within X meters of that location.

Torch the Glacier

A channeled spell that deals Fire damage to your enemy over X seconds. Any movement will cancel the ability. Deals increased damage to enemies based on their Cold Resistance.

Inferno Lance

Charged Ability. You launch a spear of molten mana into your enemy, followed by a burning shockwave that damages all enemies in front of you up to X meters away. The longer you charge this ability before releasing, the more Mana it will cost and the more damage it will deal to all affected enemies.


You form a sphere of dense, fiery mana. When the sphere is formed, you Flash toward your enemy and release the blast with incredible velocity, dealing high Fire damage and hurling your enemy backward several meters.

Cold Abilities


You evoke shards of frozen mana at your enemy, dealing direct Cold damage and slowing their movement speed by X for Y seconds.

Frozen Fortress

You encase yourself in solid ice, forming a barrier between you and your enemies. Any enemies trying to harm you will begin attacking the Frozen Fortress in an attempt to break it open. While inside, you are unable to move and are immune to all damage and detrimental effects. The effect will end after X duration, or when attacking enemies deal enough damage to destroy it.

Shatter the Ice

You concentrate your energy into an abrupt explosion of power, shattering the Frozen Fortress and damaging all enemies within X meters of you. Affected enemies will be rooted in place for up to Y seconds. Only useable while Frozen Fortress is active.

Veyrule’s Icy Blade

You launch a razor-sharp blade of icy mana at your enemy, dealing Cold damage to all enemies in its path on the way to your target. The more enemies this ability damages on the way, the greater its chance to critically hit will be on impact.

Arcane Abilities

Prism Burst

You bombard your enemy with a prism of crystalized mana that explodes on impact, dealing direct Magic damage to your enemy and damaging all enemies within X meters of that target.

Fractal Jolt

A quick jolt of arcane energy that stuns your enemy briefly, interrupting their spell casting.

Blast of Lightning

You send a bolt of electrified mana through your target, dealing Magic damage and decreasing their spell-casting speed for X duration.

Lightning Volley

You form a storm of Mana between your hands, causing between X and Y bolts of lightning to rapidly arc forward. If you have an enemy targeted, all of the lightning bolts will strike your target, dealing several rounds of Magic damage. If you do not have a target, the lightning will randomly strike enemies that are in within X meters in front of you.

Magical Bonds

You form cords of dense energy around your enemies feet, slowing their Movement Speed by X% for Y duration.