THe Rogue

Available Races

Dark Myr







In the shifting sands of this fragile era, Rogues are sought out for the faceless affairs of nations. Yet their allegiance is rarely to a banner or creed, but to themselves. With daggers drawn, the treacherous Rogue is a ruinous force, unraveling their enemies with terrifying speed and efficiency. As melee specialists, Rogues have trained extensively with one-handed weapons, but are most deadly with a dagger in their main hand, plunged deep into the back of their enemy.

Group Role: DPS, Utility

While exceptionally skilled with dagger and blade, Rogues avoid combat unless it is on their terms. Masters of subterfuge, they plot their move from the shadows to avoid detection. They will find an opening of opportunity, or rely on their alchemical talents to create one themselves. When the moment arrives, there are few on Terminus who can match the deadly precision of a Rogue's onslaught. And fewer still who can disappear in the wake of such carnage as if they were never there.

Combat Resource: Endurance

Available Armor

Light Mail

Available Weapons

Throwing Knives
Most One-Handed Weapons

Featured Abilities


You attempt to steal an item from your target without them noticing. (Requires Sneak)


Through tedious and often painful trial and error, Rogues have become adept at detecting and disarming mechanical traps.


Enables silent movement. Must be behind your enemy to remain unseen.


Become invisible to living, non-magical targets. Any movement or action will cancel the effect. (Requires Cover)

Shadow Walk

Rogues have carefully honed their craft of sneaking around and hiding in the shadows. But Rogues who have learned to Shadow Walk have developed the ability to seemingly bring the shadows with them, remaining unseen while moving. While Shadow Walk is active, you are invisible to living, non-magical targets and can move around freely at reduced speed. (Consumes mana over time)

Shadow Dwell

Rogues can evolve their Shadow Walk ability into Shadow Dwell, achieving a nearly supernatural degree of stealth which does not require mana to sustain.

Poison Craft

Poison Craft is a cornerstone of the Rogue's repertoire. Throughout their career, Rogues will develop an ever-growing proficiency in creating, applying and neutralizing poisons of greater variety and potency.

Length of Rope

Let down a length of rope which your group members can climb.

Melee Abilities

Blackjack Kick

A swift kick that gives you leverage, increasing your attack speed for a short time.


Cross-strike your enemy with both weapons at once, inflicting high damage.

Leaking Wound

Inflict your enemy with a Bleeding wound, causing damage over time and making them more vulnerable to Physical damage.

Toxic Wound

Inflict your enemy with a Toxin-laced cut, causing damage over time and making them more vulnerable to Poison damage.


Plunge your dagger deep into your enemy’s back, inflicting very high damage. You must be behind your target. (Requires Dagger in main hand)

Veiled Strike

Strike at your enemy's eyes with a hidden blade, reducing their Hate towards you by twice the amount of damage this ability inflicts. The amount of Hate reduced can increase beyond this amount based on your Dexterity.


Descend from above on your enemy, inflicting very high damage with a guaranteed critical strike. Shadowfall is only usable out of combat. (Requires Shadow Walk or Shadow Dwell)

Alchemical Abilities

Smoke and Mirrors

Smash a vial at the feet of your enemy, releasing caustic smoke into their eyes and nose, incapacitating them for 24 seconds. Any damage to your target will break the effect.

Flash Bomb

Throw a flash bomb at your feet, immediately ending combat. This ability automatically activates Shadow Walk or Shadow Dwell.

Sleeping Powder

Blow a cloud of sleeping powder into the air. The Rogue and all enemies caught in the cloud will be put to sleep for up to 24 seconds. Any damage will break the effect.

Pressurized Flask

Throw a sealed flask of pressurized air at target location. The flask shatters on impact, creating a loud noise that draws the attention of nearby enemies for a short time.

Unstable Mixture

Throw a vial of hastily combined ingredients at your enemy, causing an unpredictable effect.