Greetings once again Pantheon fans; welcome to the next edition of Under Wraps.

So what happened in January?

Lead Animator Ross Armstrong has a good start on the upcoming new animations. As discussed last month, we have a lot to do, so seeing the giant strides he’s taking is nothing short of inspiring. Can’t show you these just yet, but we’re thrilled for when we can. The rest of the art team has been active, too. Project Faerthale is busy, visually speaking. So even though we’ve roughly blocked out the zone for pre-alpha builds, we have a lot of refinement happening. You can see in some of the concepts here how Faerthale is really taking on a life of its own, popping with color and detail. Every week, it seems, the Creative department creates something amazing.

It doesn’t end with Creative, though. Programming is working extremely hard as well. Part of the planning for Project Faerthale involves addressing a lot of nagging issues — stuff that needed attention for a while but hadn’t been scheduled for fixing until now. Shader refactoring, upgrading to the latest version of Unity, fixing up tool functions all require attention. If not careful, these things can get away from you, so we dedicated time to finish them at the beginning of Project Faerthale.

And, if you haven’t heard yet, the tech team is hiring, so things are happening there, too. As of now the job postings are still up, but I happen to know they won’t be for much longer. So if you’ve been waiting to apply, we urge you to wait no longer.

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Until next time,

Ben Dean
Producer, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen