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Community Spotlight: Kumu

Posted date / 10.14.16

1) What is your main character's in-game name and how did you come up with it?

Call me Kumu, friends have for decades. I prefer short names since they were easier to type in the early days of MUDs, pre voice coms. Bonus points if the name holds meaning in another language. No surname though - too fancy. Perhaps if I do something noteworthy I will adopt one for my progeny's sake.

2) What interests you the most about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen?

"A sincere commitment to creating a world where a focus on group play will attract those seeking a challenge"

 We all have cherished moments from past games. Good friends and time shared seeking and solving challenges mean more to me than any loot attained or deaths suffered. Today's games with auto-groups, rushed content, instanced dungeons, RNG'd stuff, and no real risk don't give me much hope of meaningful new memories, let alone new gaming mates. Pantheon does. This community does.

3) What will your main race and class be and why?

Human bard (if/when they exist). I have never played a human seriously before, but am deeply moved by their lore. Plus I am curious about the court intrigue swirling around 'The Lady King' Amenthiel. As for class I am a hardcore utility / support player. I thrive on "making my group look good - while looking good"(TM). At release however I shall make do as a "singing shaman" or perhaps an "enchantertainer". Without my shawm though I will be quite lost, pardon my delusion until the devs catch up.

4) What is your favorite system, mechanic or feature so far in Pantheon?

"Watch the population evolve around you as different NPCs and beasts may change depending on your past actions"

 Slay a camp of orcs and some opportunistic kobolds take over? Or clear those ruins of the undead and then bandits set up shop? We will have to see exactly how this plays out (especially for NPCs), but I look forward to a dynamic world. Change is good, keeps things interesting. Besides, if you were a Seafury Cyclops wouldn't you have moved after a day or two of folk ruining your idyllic little island in the Ocean of Tears?

5) If you could enter the game and visit anywhere in Terminus for 1 hour, where would you go and why?

The Silent Plains: why so quiet? Too large for just one hour, so pick a random spot then begin scouting locations for the first annual Nhystyrrocks! Music Festival. (Still working on the name - no offense to my roleplaying friends). Getting an early jump on a player run event: one day set aside to compete in games of skill and chance; watch performances; trade specialty crafts; taste strange food & drink; mix and mingle; get tattooed; dance and sing. In short - make some raucous noise, socialize!

6) Finally, if you had to choose between being turned into an in-game asset by John D or sitting in a tavern drinking ale and listening to never ending stories of why dwarves should roll instead of jump, by Jason B, what would you choose and why?

asset honor tempts
but unearned; thus seek lore of
Dwarven acrobats

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