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Pantheon: Where Community Matters

Posted date / 8.10.16

Back when the spark that would eventually become the MMORPG wildfire was first ignited in the late 90’s none of us knew just how integral these games would become to our lives as both a form of entertainment and an integral form of self-expression. The earliest versions of this powerful new genre were harsh worlds where only the heartiest of adventurers could survive and few could do it alone. These punishing worlds forced players to band together to explore and conquer them out of necessity and in doing so they helped forge bonds that persist to this day. As the popularity of the genre exploded games that used to attract crowds in the hundreds of thousands were now pushing into the tens of millions, and communities that used to be insulated and tightly knit also began to burst at the seams. With this increase, an underserved demographic developed that was somewhat overwhelmed with the grit and difficulty of the genre. New systems were added to help accommodate these players; group formation tools, quest hubs, cross server groups and instanced content flourished to help make things more accessible.

While these innovations made the games more accessible and manageable they also had the unfortunate side effect of diminishing the role that community played in the overall health of these shared worlds. No longer did players have to be on their best behavior to assure that they would continue to find groups, raids or guilds, and in fact, in many instances, they no longer needed a group at all. Adding an increased pace of gameplay to the equation has also adversely affected our social interactions, as groups hastily assembled by a queue system just as quickly evaporate after churning through their intended content. Fast forward 10 years and now the underserved community is those that hunger for more challenging, engaging content and a return to community-based games.

We here at Visionary Realms think that these shared experiences are one of the best parts of the overall gaming experience and are the foundation of the world we are creating with Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. As we bridge the gap back to the days of a more intense experience you will find a commonality with old school MMORPGs, a link to the past that we fiercely cling to: the central focus of this experience is that is best when we share it with each other. Make no mistake however. Pantheon isn’t a wormhole back to simpler times, nor is it the Throwback Thursday of gaming. It’s a brave new world filled with wonder and innovation, awash in not only magnificent settings and environments, but full of fresh ideas like our perception, colored mana and atmosphere systems, just to name a few. Together, with our passionate fans, we are committed to a community-first, player-driven world that keeps us coming back for more. This commitment will never waver but only grow stronger with each new friend we make and obstacle we overcome.


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