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    December 21, 2018 12:02 PM PST

    A shapeshifting class that turns into elemental creatures that vary in speed and abilities.

    Shapes include:

    • Tree - Stationary with crush/piercing damage.  Can grab enemies holding them in the air.  Can cast regenerative spells to friendlies under it's leaves. 
    • Golem (Rock) - Slow with crushing damage.  Can sustain huge amounts of damage. 
    • Golem (Tar) - Stationary with corrosive ranged damage.  Slows the attacks of those that attack it.  Slows the movement of those it attacks.  
    • Golem (Fire) - Fast moving with fire damage.  Damages enemies that attack it.  Damages nearby enemies.  Can blind enemies that stand too close.  
    • Golem (Ice) - Normal speed with ice damage.  Can cause enemies to slip.  Can create ice shields and walls protecting allies.  Friendlies can take bits off of you and fulfill thirst requirements.  
    • Mist - Slow moving with no damage.  Is untargetable and can hide the movement of friendlies within.
    • Pixie - Fast flying with healing abilities.  Can use dust to heal friendlies or put enemies into a slumber.  Avoids terrain based damage/effects.  
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    May 1, 2019 2:21 AM PDT

    I actually really like this idea. My random thoughts:

    What if the class could basically change into weaker version of other classes. So from a group standpoint, the character could morph into whatever best helped the group

    And/Or what if this class should be able to take the form of other races, and therefore move freely around their cities. Sort of like a rogue, but with some magical abilities, and less heavy DPS. Maybe this class would be a good class to have for pulling, as they could take a form that would not aggro mobs.

    I guess i'm basically picturing something analogous to the faceless people in Game of Thrones, haha.

    I think this is super interesting.

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