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Line of Sight for heal spells

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    July 1, 2019 9:48 AM PDT

    As someone who often plays a healer, there is not much I find more annoying then sending a much needed heal to the the tank (and be stuck immoble as I cast) only for them to run away to the next target, causing said spell to fail. Then hearing it from everyone about not getting the tank healed properly, cause they don't see all the failed attemps, they just see health dropping.

    Maybe there should be an invisible wall, so when an ally is the target of a friendly spell they can't go out of range, or better yet, any casting limitations should only apply to STARTING the spell, once it is started, it doesn't matter if you loose line of sight or they run out of range or whatever. If you can successfully start the spell, and get to fnish it (without of a fizzle, assuming that a posibilty), it should hit them no matter where they've gone (porting out of zone excluded).


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