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How are you passing the time?

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    September 10, 2018 10:16 AM PDT

    So I am just curious what everyone is doing to pass the time until Pantheon finally comes out? Are you playing a different MMORPG or MOBA? A different type of online game, or a single player game? 


    I just started playing Fallout 4 again because I was hyped for Fallout 76, but the hype is gone basically now. I also play WoW once every few days mainly because my fiancee plays so I only really play when I'm running one of her lower level alts through MC haha. I also get together pretty regularly to play D&D with a group of friends, we have 2 or 3 different campaigns that I am apart of right now.

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    September 10, 2018 10:44 AM PDT

    Lots and lots of crying

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    September 11, 2018 8:28 AM PDT

    I picked up Pillars of [Eternity], going to creep through 1 and 2. 

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    September 11, 2018 1:18 PM PDT

    All games are merely time killers until Pantheon arives. 

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    September 11, 2018 5:12 PM PDT

    I'm passing the time by practicing my environmental attunement for Pantheon by taking a direct hit from a hurricane. That works...right?

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    September 19, 2018 11:15 AM PDT

    I am currently playing Conan Exiles, Bioshocj Infinite, System Shock remastered, Civ 5, C&C Red Alert(skirmish battles), and some Eden Star......all played within the last 3 days, so ya REALLY bored here

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    September 19, 2018 12:33 PM PDT

    I'm currently playing Project99 (time locked EQ1).  I will likley jump in on Fallout76 when it comes out too.

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    September 19, 2018 1:57 PM PDT

    Just looked Fallout 76 up, is it Sub, or GW2 style? Also what kind of game is it? PvP, PvE?

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    September 19, 2018 4:07 PM PDT

    Been playing Dragon Quest XI since it came out. Also EQReborn some.


    Otherwise I have my few games I keep coming back to; Starcraft Brood War, Warcraft 3, Vanilla wow as well as random single player RPGs I decide to play.

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    October 7, 2018 4:33 PM PDT

    I picked up The Witcher 3 GOTY on GoG sale, at the slow pace I take games that should take me over a year to finish LOL.

    I've also been making my way through Fallout 4 survival difficulty. But my thoughts are totally wrapped up on Pantheon.

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    October 7, 2018 5:42 PM PDT

    We are just entering fall here in the PNW, much to do getting things ready for the rainy season and winter. Plus there will be the secondary computer build so I have something I can run the game on. Current system is setup with Linux which the initially the game will not handle. Perfectly ok with that. So I have a good many things to bide my time with. I have waiting all these many years, I can wait a bit more :)

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    October 9, 2018 2:38 PM PDT

    I play EQ1 when i am not playing a console game. Was playing on TLP, but the populations travel with the newest server and newest expac so its hard to keep up with everyone. Been playing my old main on normal servers just to have fun while i waste time. Work old quests, revisit old content, farm items for random twinks.

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    October 11, 2018 7:22 PM PDT

    LOTRO since it is one of the games where you cannot speed-level to level-cap in a few days or even a week. Yes I know one can buy a level boost in the accursed store. 

    The lore makes up for the game weaknesses for me but that won't keep me there after alpha hits here.

    Considering Project Gorgon despite its weaknesses after I finally give up on LOTRO. 

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    November 11, 2018 3:12 PM PST

    I just finished playing through Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom.

    I was a bit sceptical when I first found it, but now I'm really glad that I got it! A great mix of storytelling, battles (both party and army), kingdom building, quests...all with great music, and the visuals are actually very nice. A big world to explore, and you will find many means to travel it. It's a really loveable world :) The game is not very challenging (if that's what you want), but it has quite a bit of depth in its systems.

    Overall, I can only recommend this game.

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    November 11, 2018 5:16 PM PST

    dragoonn said:

    Just looked Fallout 76 up, is it Sub, or GW2 style? Also what kind of game is it? PvP, PvE?

    The game is both PvP and PvE, as far as I'm aware. Not sure on the subscription model yet.

    Still dabbling on SWTOR, Fallout 4 and may do another Dragon Age Inquisition playthrough to get my epic fantasy fix. Tried to play Elder Scrolls Online, couldn't get the launcher to launch properly (would load and freeze immediately at 1% load) and I don't want to play it badly enough to jump through hoops and work arounds to get it to run properly.

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    November 11, 2018 9:38 PM PST
    I’m playing GW2, the definitive single player MMORPG.

    I’m also playing Path of Exile, on my 36 inch 4K monitor but wondering if it would be better as a mobile game instead “Path of Immortal”
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    November 11, 2018 9:45 PM PST

    WoW, SWTOR, The Division... 

    WoW Working on Mythic Raid progression and Running Mythic + Dungeons

    SWTOR just keeping some of my characters current with storyline and gear. 

    The Division ... have everything, completed everything, no new content or gear, but I just love the game. 

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    November 12, 2018 9:35 AM PST

    Total War: Warhammer 2 !!!


    Was a huge Heroes of Might and Magic fan as a kid. This is the game that they should have made after the third title.

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    November 15, 2018 12:38 AM PST
    Stretching my legs on my first serious pvp game: Ark Survival Evolved. There's many issues with the game, but it sure gets exciting when the pro's roll in and start wrecking shop.
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    November 18, 2018 7:04 PM PST

    p99 and drawing

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    December 16, 2018 8:55 AM PST

    So Fallout 76 was a huge let down. I am currently playing in a few D&D campaigns (running one as the DM myself and playing as a PC in 2 others) and need to start playing Neverwinter again on PS4. It seems everyone right now is playing the new super smash bros. game on the switch, which I don't have :(

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    December 16, 2018 2:25 PM PST

    Right now just catching up on some backlogged games. Missing the MMO life atm but nothing out there to scratch that itch. On occassion I return to EQ for some progression fun and pop into the Vanguard EMU. But that's really about it.

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    January 3, 2019 11:46 PM PST

    Once I get my gaming PC up I set up a 2 hour challenge, I'll play all the games in my Steam library for AT LEAST 2 hours before buying anything new. Should hold me over for quite awhile. After that I got a few games I would like to try out and then I might jump into one of the EQ emulators since I've never played that game, started out playing MMO's in vanilla WoW and could barely speak English even then.

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    January 4, 2019 9:30 AM PST

    Having fun with Rimworld when I want some alone gaming that I can pause quickly- so dramatic on commitment mode! I found myself actually caring for the pawns. Also resurrected old account on EQ and catching up with how its changed, kind of a culture shock but there are alot of returning players coming back from like a long time ago like me, so that is nice. 

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    January 4, 2019 9:37 AM PST

    Playing CS:S, recently completed Thronebreaker. Gonna do another run of The Witcher 3. Other than that, reading a lot and waiting for the games I'm most hopeful for in 2019: The Outer Worlds, maybe Cyberpunk 2077, and the possibility of Pantheon alpha.