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    August 13, 2018 8:24 AM PDT

    I'm going to be abit of a "tweener" here. I will have spurts where I can hit it hard for weeks and then I'll need to drop off random days (with notice). I'm competitive so I will want to race towards the top but I'm also practical enough to realize I won't be able to compete with the 20/hr day group.

    I was a hardcore EQ1 player. I've since played several MMORPG's looking for one like EQ1 and have gotten to the end/left unsatisfied. I eventually went back to EQ mac and multiboxed my own full group to max so I could test my own limits. I'm over 30, own multiple businesses (so I understand organizations, politics, and strategy), and I'm recently married.

    I'm based in the midwest so I can raid either coast times. Given I own my businesses, I can be flexible with times if I have advanced notices.

    I'll probably main rogue or enchanter (love the chaos/pressure of crowd control) - may actually try multiboxing (got to love /follow)

    My main on EQ1 was a cleric (but obviously have played lots of toons when multiboxing).

    Anyway, I've been reading the forums and thought it may be easiest for me to also post something in here to generate a conversation vs trying to just read on my own.

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    October 6, 2018 10:30 PM PDT

    Guild Name : Rising Shadow

    Location : United States

    Timezone : Central mostly

    Age : 18+ Mature

    Traits : Fun, Willing to help with anything, Serious about raiding and leveling, Looking to progress through the game

    About Us: We (Salann and Mythius were our EQ names) are old Everquest (Innoruk/Nameless) players that are looking to get a new start in Pantheon. We had a guild named Shadows of Dissolution that eventually merged with Storm Spirits before life made us stop playing some years later. We played some other games here and there since we stopped playing Everquest but they just weren't the same. Rising Shadow was formed on Everquest about a year ago when we gave it another shot and then we heard about Pantheon. We know Pantheon is going to be the one that gets us serious about MMO's again. We will be leveling and eventually moving into raid content when we get to that point. We are strictly a PVE guild. PvP just has never been our thing. We currently are sitting at two members with myself being the Guild Lead and my brother being the senior officer. We are searching for people to help us lead this thing. So, if you do apply with us, please mention if you're interested in being an officer so we can have some discussions and see where it goes. We would really like to connect with some of our old guild mates from Storm Spirts and Shadows of Dissolution if any of y'all are around please let us know. We are currently sitting at the two members because I don't have solid commitments from any of our other guys that played EQ with us. That's why we are posting here and are looking to get this thing rolling. Look forward to hearing from you.


    Website: (I'm still working on the site a little. I've got it mostly completed but there are still some tweaks I need to get worked out.)

    Also, feel free to contact us at if you have any questions We also have forums that you'll be able to post in after you register on the site.

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    November 8, 2018 9:33 AM PST

    Heya Suicide,

    We are a well organized and smaller group of casual raiders. We are focused to end game content but really love to explore the content and challenge the world at hand. We have been gaming together for nearly 20 years now. We are spread throughout the US but have quite a few in the central time zone as well. Give us a look and if you like what you see sign up. There is no pressure to join us in the game but at least you can meet up with some of the peeps and feel out the group.