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    April 27, 2018 9:34 AM PDT

    Warden Class Ideal


    The warden is a nature-based druid/shaman tank. They use nature based spells and abilites to aid them in battle. They can call upon companions to do quick attacks to augment their abilities, use nature that is around them to tank, wards to aid them, cloaks to protect them, and spells to help them.


    Role: Tank

    Armor: light and medium armor, Shields

    Weaponry: one-handed blunt, one-handed piercing, and some one-handed slashing. Bows

    Ability Arsenal: The warden have mastered the nature-based arts of their order, allowing them to use nature itself in their ability to tank, call upon allies of nature to aid them in combat, and create special wards to protect them and their allies.

    Iconic Ability: ??????


    Animal Companion:

    Warden have the ability to call upon animal companions to aid them in combat. Unlike other classes that are able to have pets, Wardens do not actually get pets. Instead they call on these companions to aid them in battle to jump in and do quick attacks. These companions last for a few attacks then disappear. They cannot be targets or attack and function as a means to augment a warden’s ability.


    • Swarm - Unleash a swarm to relentlessly attack you enemy, dealing damage over time.
    • Spider- Call upon a spider companion to inflect your target with poison.
    • Wolf - Call upon an ally of the wild to inflect your target with bleed.
    • Bird - call upon an ally of the sky to blind your target.
    • Bear - call upon an ally of the woods, greatly increasing your hate/agro.



    • Entangling Vines - summons roots and vines to appear under your target, rooting it in place. Generating hate towards you. (hate/agro over time)
    • Northen Winds - Summon the air around your target to chill - slow his actions and movement. Generating hate towards you. (hate/agro over time)
    • Healing Breeze - regenerate your target’s health. (weaker verison of what a druid can do) single target HoT
    • Pebble Toss - summons rocks that launch at your target with a chance to knockdown/stun. (generates hate/agro)



    • Frostbolt - summon a blast of cold to damage your target.
    • Fireball - summon a blast of fire to damage your target.
    • Lightning strike - Summon a blast of lightning to damage your target.




    Warden are able to create wards that help them and their allies in battle. Only one ward can be activate at a time. They fuction like small condictional auras. Wards last for a few seconds, and have a recharge time.


    • Shielding Ward - Create a protective ward around you, healing you and allies nearby each time you block an attack.
    • Protection Ward - Create a protective ward around you, decreasing incoming damage for you and allies nearby.
    • Strengthen Ward - Create a protective ward around you, increasing the damage you deal and allies nearby.
    • Elemental Ward - Create a protective ward around you, increase the resistance to the elements for you and allies nearby.
    • Healing Ward - Create a protective ward around you that periodically cures a condition and provides a small heal to those nearby. (once per 20-30 seconds)
    • Purging Ward - create a protective ward around you causing enemies to burn. Dealing fire damage over time.


    Cloaks: Only one cloak can be activate at a time.

    • Arctic Cloak - surround you and allies with the winds of the north. Gaining a small bonus to cold, and inflicting cold damage to anyone that attacks them. (thorns but cold damage)
    • Desert Parka - same as arctic cloak but for fire resistance and fire damage.
    • Forest Cloak - surround you and allies with the protection of the oak. Gaining thorns damage shield and a bonus to poison resistance.



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    April 27, 2018 4:08 PM PDT

    Uhm, is that a semi ESO ripoff ? :p


    Not sure another "melee druid hybrid like" is required. I'd tap more into mage hybrids, then.

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    April 28, 2018 4:04 AM PDT

    Haven't seen/played ESO much. So no clue. The idea was to take a Warden class, that from what I have seen in other games away from a healer type, and into a tank type. Using a mix of druid/shaman abilites as well as nature to be able to tank.  I took the idea of an Aura and added a twist to it, Wards. You cast and effect those around you. cloaks was playing with the idea of different types of damage shields. The companions was abilties not pets, that you can use to do quick attacks to augment a warden's ability. Then the nature and elemental abilities was playing around with the idea of druids.

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    April 29, 2018 6:25 AM PDT

    The warden in ESO is a "class" (no role baseline, somehow the bad design of the game) with 3 lines, one favoring animal companions (ultimate with a perma bear, and various skills summoning creatures for instant, dot or delayed damage), one favoring the frost and winter with debuffs and hardness gain skills, and one favoring the harness of plant and life energy for various healing purposes.


    Thus, my comment. As said I think the ranger already fits a nature melee fighter, and making it two classes additionnal to the druid would tap too much in the same registary.

    I'd more enjoy, like the beastlord was, some kind of shaman hybrid, more into mystical taps than nature. That makes more sense and diversity to me, than making it nature/spiritual hybrid.

    However, this is only my sole opinion.

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    January 4, 2019 9:19 AM PST
    A Warden is basically a mix between a druid and ranger. Pantheon has both already. What you're describing is kind of a mix between Wardens in LOTRO and in EQ2. I highly doubt this game will ever see a class so similar to two classes in game, but anything is possible...