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If I were a Summoner...

  • April 16, 2018 12:29 AM PDT

    I don't intend to play a Summoner upon release, but since I'll need something to play until the Bard arrives, I found myself considering it.  Since there's almost no information about the class, I started to think about what I would want if I were a Summoner.  Here's some of the things I thought about when I put myself into that mindset:

    - I'd like to be able to shape the battlefield with summoned walls and barricades.  This could take several forms: fences that an enemy would have to chop through to reach the party, mazes of paths to facilitate pulling, or narrow passageways to funnel the tide of incoming mobs.  Give me some simple building blocks and let me find out interesting ways to use them to my party's advantage.

    - When things go south and people around me are dying to a horrible rampaging beast, I would naturally summon an impenetrable cage to hide in until things calmed down.  In gameplay terms, this could be a way to change "camping out" from a strange fourth-wall-breaking tactic into something that fits within the lore of the world, or perhaps merely a limited-use or very expensive Feign Death.  Maybe I'd even eventually learn to summon a box big enough to cover a buddy, too (or perhaps a cleric if my buddy wasn't around).  At the highest level, I'd expect to be able to call in a small-but-luxurious shed to house my entire party.

    - Finally, and most importantly, don't treat me like some discount Wizard. Impaling spikes, scything blades, and falling objects would be my weapons of choice,  You'll never catch me tossing a fireball when materializing an enormous heated anvil above my enemies' heads is so easily within my capabilities.  In gameplay terms, this would mean that there is both a physical and an elemental component to every spell I use, each part individually subject to its corresponding mitigation system.  The result is a class whose damage is weaker in optimal conditions than either a pure spellcaster or a pure fighter, but can be more reliable and consistent over a wide range of enemy types.

    I know there's supposed to be something in there about how my pets are great and the best and everything.  I think I'd rather be focused on materializing stuff from all corners of the world and the limits of my imagination and chucking it all over the battlefield...but if some of that stuff happens to have limited decision-making capabilities and motility, I suppose that's fine, too.

  • April 16, 2018 3:19 AM PDT

    In fact, let me take that last sentence one step further and put it in terms of implementation:

    I want at least one line of spells that lets me attune to any (inanimate) model I find in the world and use it as the summoned object.  The damage and all of the mechanics should be fixed, but it should summon the object of my choice (scaled to reasonable dimensions, of course) and drop it on my target.  In addition to being a great bit of personal flavor, this would also help further the goal of encouraging players to engage meaningfully with the environment.

    (Also, I think it should take fifteen minutes of concentrated, direct contact with the object to attune to it.  I want to have to convince an entire party of fellow adventurers to cover me while I stare intently at, say, the Great Fire King's personal toilet.)

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    April 16, 2018 6:51 AM PDT
    These are /fantastic/ ideas. I like how this approach elegantly takes advantage of existing systems to give the summoner a unique and fun niche. Making summoner damage a mix of physical and magical types is particularly clever.