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The Bhazgrim class video thoughts

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    April 10, 2018 10:10 PM PDT

    WHen watching the video, when they were discussing epic abilities I began wondering which of the Enchanter's skills should or could be epic.

    I was thinking that AoE mez would be a great skill to be classified as epic. It makes sense to me. Having to learn from a master of the class that took an ability and magnified it to a drastic degree: going from being able to charm one MoB at a time, to awhole area of MoBs with one cast.

    What do you all think?

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    April 10, 2018 11:37 PM PDT

    I think you might be right with the AOE MEZ. The "Master of CC" we are titled to be leads me to think that our "Epic Abilities" may even include more reliable versions of spells. Maybe a Charm that has definitive break time? Maybe a Mez that is nearly impossible for non raid bosses to resist? With being an enchanter, one of the big "oh crap moments" were having mobs resist your spell or instantly break free from the spell. I think most of us that have played an Enchanter have had those moments where Charm is resisted several times till you are looking down on your corpse.

    Bhazgrim did an amazing job of asking alot of really good questions. One of the questions i have been wondering is how will support classes match up to others in terms of DPS when traditional CC isnt needed. I love the fact they appear to be making a point to make all the classes viable for their type. Now im not talking about every class having every ability. I am so glad we are getting a game that is taking us back to the big 4 roles.Im talking about how in EQ if you were not a warrior you didnt main tank raids or clerics being the most important healer for a raid. He talked about how each healer will have a unique twist on what they are good at. Clerics being the big single target healer while Shamans the AOE HotT healers? I understand playing enchanter i should never expect to do the damage as a wizard. I am interested to see how outside of CC and besides the hopeful idea charm is a big part of our spells, how will the enchanter hold up with damage in a group? 

    As for your multiple charmed mob theory. I really dont think that can ever be viable in a game. Leaves to much room to be overpowered. Charming 1 mob in itself is a mechanic that walks a very thin path.

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    April 11, 2018 7:38 PM PDT

    Forget the name of the spell but its from EQ2 Illusionist. It basically sends clones of the group at the target and memory wipes it. I saved the day on a raid once. The clones lived like .8 a second but it was just enough time to save the tank. Since we are talking epic, maybe an AoE version? Also would be cool to get some sort of awesome group buff.