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A Shared Concern from The Tales of Gelfzyn

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    February 26, 2018 6:15 PM PST


    (Note: Follows ‘The Decision: Part II’)

      As she approached the Towers of Faerthale near the Roan mountains, Gran marveled at their grandeur. The Elves do know how to turn a block of stone into something wonderful, she though while catching an updraft to soar higher over the towers. Circling once in the early mourning light to admire the Lucent tree near the heart of the city, she finally set down in a small clearing a short walk from the S'iolaen Gate.

      Shedding her eagle form in the isolation of the glen, she looked down to frown at the forest dress she had been wearing when she found Gelfzyn. That boy has a way of adding years that I have been carefully avoiding, she thought with a slight smile on her face. Gathering up some wild flowers and small vines, she crafted a bit of weaving to give some elegance to the dress. At least I won't look like a frump when I meet with Elduin. I only hope that he is still on the Anadem Council of eight. With a sigh, she set out for the road that led to Faerthale.

      "My lord", the attendant voiced in a forgiving manner. "There is diminutive forest woman asking for you at the S'iolaen Gate."
      Elduin Naefir looked up from his breakfast. "Did she say why she wanted to see me?"
      "No, my lord. Only that she wished to talk to Elduin Naefir of the high towers."
      At that, Elduin raised an eyebrow. There is only one person who ever addressed me by that moniker, he thought. Could it be her after all these years? "Show her to the green guest room and tend to any needs that she may have. Tell her I shall be down shortly." Ah Saida Oakfaren, what could bring you to the city at this time, he wondered.

      A few minutes later, Elduin knocked on the silver inlaid door of the guest room. A moment later it opened to reveal an elderly halfling in a floral enhanced green-brown dress. "Saida..ah..Bright stars and safe passage", he said as he bowed slightly. At that Gran smiled and curtsied. "Oh Elduin, always so formal. Do come in."

      Settling into a chair, Elduin inquired "It is good to see you Saida. How do the Kiri fair these days?"
      Gran remained standing and move over to a window near his chair. "The people prosper as all people do. The city here seems as grand as I remember. The Tree is still strong?"
      "Our people prosper as well. But tell me, what brings you to Faerthale? Not just to look at the city I think." he asked.
      "No." Gran said. "Although I had been planning a visit. No, something has come up that could affect both Elven and Kiri and maybe all of Terminus."
      "I see," Elduin said thoughtfully, "Well, you know that we of the Ember Order are always interested in any danger to our people. Please tell me what has worried you so."

      Taking a seat on the foot sofa near his chair, Gran proceeded to outline the events of Gelfzyn's encounter with the 'Whispering' that he had discussed with her. Elduin listened carefully, but Gran could tell that certain comments that she made made him feel uncomfortable. After finishing she asked "Elduin, what troubles you so?"
      Looking up, he replied "I do not believe in coincidence Saida. I had a foreboding feeling when I had heard that you were asking for me earlier today." Gran frowned at this. "And?" she said with a concerned look on her face.
      "Of all the outsiders that I have met, you Saida Oakfaren, have been one of the few that I trust." he started. "And because of that and this 'coincidence' of you showing up at this time convinces me that we share a common concern."
      "I am listening Elduin. Whatever you say is for your ears only."

      At that he smiled and starting relating the events of the past week when the astronomers had reported their findings of an upcoming conjunction of the wandering stars. The council is strongly divided as to it's meaning. The Embers argued that is the precursor of the 'Third Inferno' of prophecy. The Ashen think that that prophecy was fulfilled by the war with the Revenant and discard it as a warning. The Lucent are evenly divided.

      "With this information you bring, Saida, it may complicate things." he said with concern on his face.
      "I see" said Gran, thinking for a bit. "The Embers may see this as a validation that a great event is coming, because other races are receiving signs." Elduin nodded at this. Gran continued "The Ashen will see it as an outsider's problem in that the observation can be attributed to a time clock for the 'Whispering's' foretelling. Oh, Elduin. What if they are both true?" she said looking up at him.
      "I don't know, Saida. I just don't know." he replied. A few moments later he offered "Perhaps we should hold on to this information for now. The astronomers indicated that the alignment would not take place for five years or so. They are busy refining the calculations to determine a more exact date."
      At this, Gran nodded her head in agreement. "It will be as you say Elduin. I guess that I will return to Wild's End to keep track of my grandson."
      "That would probably be best, but not until I've had a chance to to show you the city." he intoned while rising. "The Elven people do believe in hospitality, regardless of what the rumors say."
      "Why Elduin, I've never heard of such rumors." Gran replied as she slid of the footstool and smiled up at him.
      "Come, what did my aid call you? Ah, come diminutive forest woman, and let me show you the sights." taking her hand.
      "Why thank you, Elduin Naefir of the high towers. I'd love to see Faerthale."
      As they walked, Gran remarked "I do enjoy your city most for it feels like being in a forest without being there." while admiring the towering frescoes.

      After a nights rest, Gran bid farewell to Elduin that mourning. As she winged her way east, she thought of an old saying "A burden shared can seem half as heavy." but she pondered whether this concern had become lighter or twice as heavy.

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