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How do you play your cleric?

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    November 26, 2017 11:09 PM PST
    I have always played cleric. I haven't however always loved the role. I only played a cleric because my friend wanted to go warrior. However, once I started playing the role I became enamoured with the class and it's applications. In group farming scenarios, I could pull/root/dot/heal and so the grind continued. I rarely was just healing. I contributed everything I could to make the grind as efficient as possible. Up to and including swinging my warhammer. In a solo setting I have two epic feats in eqoa I soloed slilskor at 60 2.5 hour long fight and another cleric and I dueled an ebony recluse, again a two hour fight. Soloing for me boiled down to making my mana out last their health. I enjoyed pushing those limits in many ways. In a raid setting for me it was all conservation and timing. Learning when to go big when to stay light, watching for that guy standing in fire. Watching buffs/rebuffs/debuffs. Moving, Los healing, covering, running, repeating. I am guilty of educating people the hard way if they chose to stand in fire. I am guilty of overheating to show a mouthy druid his place. I am guilty of barking orders as the eyes and ears of a raid or group. I am a cleric who will swing his warhammer, pull mobs, instruct movements, and heal wounds. I am a cleric who won't let you die before I do. I take pride in my class, for I am a Cleric! To the doubtful I demand, take me as I am.
    To those who understand, I extend my hand.
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    January 4, 2018 4:52 AM PST

    That is the key, no support should just be doing one thing we can ALWAYS do more. I always found time when healing if I was bored to throw out a smite, or turn undead. Heck get up close and bash the mobs face in some (though if they turn on you RUN!). Think some people get scared that, well I am a Cleric all I do is sit on my bum and heal. Heck, make it more fun and do other things than sit all game. We also have one of the more stressful jobs when crap hits the fan and we have to heal quickly. Praying that our CC is doing everything possible, while we go as fast as possible to heal them and the tank. I think the stress sometimes is what brings me back to the healing role. 

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    January 12, 2018 9:24 AM PST
    My type of cleric. My first toon was cleric on EQ. Healing was fun, but I loved all the other stuff I could do. Pulling was so fun on a cleric. Cleric and paladins in undead areas, OMG so fun! Anyone who just sat on their butts and healed as a cleric seriously missed out on some good fun with all the other mechanics a cleric was capable of.
    Kinda makes me want to log on and play.
    Thank you, for that wonderful trip down Memory Lane
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    January 12, 2018 2:35 PM PST

    The cleric iconic ability in pantheon is a large barrier, for essentually CC.  I hope its a bubble type barrier.. surrounding your party in a bubble or a group of enemies in a bubble would both have uses.  Along the same lines, I hope clerics have abilities along the 'keeping peace' idea.  Aggro reducers, memory blurs..

    Also, Id like to see clerics as an anti-necromancer.. perhaps, if necromancers can summon evil spirits, clerics can summon good spirits~

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    March 21, 2018 11:55 AM PDT

    I've mained a Cleric in EQ (or Priest in other MMO's) for over 18 yrs now (god time flies!) and definitley love our healing power moreso than our other "utilites". Pulling is definitley fun (DA pulling in HS) and  banishing the undead all accross Norrath is a blast but nothing beats the rush of keeping your enchanter alive who busy trying to lock down their pet whilst mezing all these adds the monk was too lazy to split; spam healing the Ranger beause.. you know... Rangers.. and nothing.. i mean nothing beats a well timed perfect CH on your Ogre Warrior.  =)

    Seriously though, I agree anyone who just sits on their butt and heals is missing out on so much more of our capabilites! I do hope (and expect we will have) a wide range of utiility in the form of nukes (akin to undead and smite), CC (roots, stuns) and some interesting damage shields.

    Akin to EQ: Mark of Karn line (healing DS), Vie line spells (absorbtion) or possibly different types of group auras or blessings to provide damage absorbtion or spell haste.

    Looking forward to what lies ahead!


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    March 21, 2018 1:59 PM PDT

    Clerics of course are a little bit different in each game, but the game that really made me fall in love with the class was DDO. Thousands of hours were dumped into my beloved dwarf cleric until I fine tuned my craft until I was running alongside some of the best in the world. In DDO, a staple of the cleric toolkit was a small aura centered on you that would periodically heal all group members within its radius (and deal dmg to undead). I realized how important it was to try to boost the power of this aura as much as possible as it had a decent duration and cost very little mana, thus being an extremely efficient way to keep the group alive. However this of course required me to stand close to the dps classes right in the thick of the action, which was often quite dangerous as I'm at risk of getting caught in AoE's. Therefore, I did everything I could to make my character as resilient as possible. HP, saves, Armor Class, etc. - anything to keep myself alive as much as possible because a dead cleric is a useless cleric. Dwarves were naturally pretty sturdy, but I took it to the extreme so I could survive being in the middle of even the most chaotic battles.

    Of course the aura wasn't always enough during big spikes of mob dps so I made sure to always keep several tiers of group and individual heals available at all times. (Hotbars weren't as limited in DDO as they will be in Pantheon) If one heal was on cooldown, my fingers were trained to hit the next heal so that I was constantly pouring some degree of healing. With practice, I was able to determine which tier of heal was needed to bring the target's health bar to approximately 95% full as using too big of a heal would be a waste of mana. I was obsessed with mana efficiency because in DDO, you couldn't just sit down anywhere to regain mana. You'd have to drink a mana potion where were very expensive or find a Rest Shrine, which were sometimes few and far between.

    Once I got to a point where I could reliably keep up large parties on my own without much difficulty, I then focused on my offensive capabilities of course without comprimising my defense or healing. I realized that often damage prevention was far superior to damage mitigation. That is, if I can kill a mob before it even gets to my group, I don't need to heal them lol. So that's what I did. I took a while to gain the power to do so consistently, but eventually I was able to lead kills by far in most group content. For raid content, I would mostly have to resort to turtling up with my aura in the dps pile. But still, building that Cleric like a boyscout that was ready for anything the world threw at him was extremely satisfying and a blast to play.

    Character building in DDO was fun times :) 

    We shall see what the best way to play a Cleric in Pantheon is!

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    March 22, 2018 12:05 PM PDT

    My favorite cleric mechanic had to be in EQ2 as an inquisitor.  The buffs that triggered reactive heals were amazing, and the animations of my character wearing plate armor spinning a staff over is head and around his back felt great.  I have a very fond memory (on a pvp server) of a rogue jumping my inquisitor and having me stunned or CC'd for about 30 seconds out of the 50-60 second fight... but during some of those free moments of mobility I was able to put up a buff here and there... the first being a buff that healed for 100% of the damage received up to 10 or so hits (shared throughout the group, but I was solo), the second being a buff that reflected 100% of the dmg dealt back to the attacker for a few hits while healing for x amount of the damage (which was way more than the rogue could hit for with auto attack because it was designed to build threat on the tank in PvE and still be an effective heal) and then a regular heal every now and then long enough to wait for the 10 second cooldown for the damage reflection (threat management) buff to come back up... all the while (when not stunned) spinning my staff at him as he thought I was hitting him really hard when in actuality he was just killing himself lol.


    Another great healing mechanic I found was actually as the Paladin in Neverwinter... It was really cheesy, but the basic mechanic allowed for really fun gameplay by simply having a 30 meter aura up that healed everyone within the aura by like 30% of what anyone else was healed for, and then you could put a debuff on a target that healed the attacker by 10% of their damage dealt... and then there were two basic attacks, one wash an instant cast heal with no cooldown that healed for about 10% of a tank's health and the other was a melee attack that did an AoE heal for about 5% of a tanks health every 3rd swing while also building a resource that when the shield was raised would produced a 10 meter aura that healed for a LOT per second while also making people inside the ring immune to/cured hard CC.  (That aura could be held for probably 4-6 seconds and took about 9-12 swings to build it back up)... it was super fun, but too cheesy for a game like this... with that being said, if the paladin has anything like that I will definitely be playing the paladin :p

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    April 12, 2018 12:46 PM PDT

    I CH enchanters.  Its hillarious :)