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    November 2, 2017 5:26 PM PDT
    Below is a list of core principals we at Condemned pledge to the PvP and PvE community. We hope that other guilds, regardless if they are rivals or not, share similar principals. Our experience in prior games has seen many negative actions or policies, that other organizations have used to their benefit and to the detriment of the server community and game itself. We feel it is important to encourage these values which we feel counter this kind of behavior, regardless of what community you belong to, to help the longevity of the game and health and balance of the PvP server especially.
    Within Condemned, we don't tolerate cheating of any kind. Our members are REQUIRED to report any known or suspected cheating or exploiting taking place by others in the guild. This requirement also applies to members if they are aware that such activities are occurring within guilds we are formally allied with. Condemned members will not benefit from the cheating of others. If a Condemned member is grouped with a player or players outside of the guild who are exploiting/cheating, he or she is required and you be expected to remove said player(s) from the group or otherwise leave the group. Any of our members caught using inappropriate third-party programs will be removed from the guild. Additionally, anyone caught breaking other items listed in the terms of service will be dealt with based on the severity of the occurrence. This has been a stance of our community since conception and we strongly believe it is one of the core principals to have when harboring a respectful, rewarding, and even playing field in PvP and PvE content.
    While we are out to win any conflict, achieve any static or moving goal, and exceed at all aspects of the game, we are also committed to treating all guilds with respect, regardless of where they place in the community or stand in comparison to us. Our team has a no trash talking policy in public venues. This would include in-game public chat as well as game forums, videos, etc. We do not permit multi-guilding and will not employ the use of spies for rival guilds. While we hold a stance of no mercy for our enemies, we pledge to give respect to any enemy as we would hope they would give in return when it comes to interacting outside of combat situations. While it may be a trend for other PvP oriented organizations to utilize trash talking and trolling as a tactic with enemy organizations, we feel this hinders the overall experience for everyone and deviates from what the game is all about. We let our actions speak for us instead. We hope other groups can also pledge to this.

    To clarify, we pledge a no mercy policy within PvP. This means, while respect all rival and otherwise organizations, we will also employ any tactics necessary when holding PvE and/or PvP content or assets. We don't shy away from employing tactics such as attacking regrouping forces recently defeated, zone-ins, doors, and respawns. This will be the nature of PvP servers and we expect no quarter in this matter as well. We pledge to all communities involved, especially those that make up the PvP server, that we will strive to keep things competitive, and use anything necessary to win and give challenge to enemies within the confines of the game. That said, we seek competitive end-game PvP, not the harassment of low level players . A good PvP community will provide longevity to the game, something we see lacking in other games, something we intend to ensure doesn't happen here.

    Condemned is committed to promoting our server’s community. Our door remains open to anyone wishing to establish events or discuss items important to the community. We would gladly participate in team PvP tournaments or other areas in which our members express significant interest. Our guild is a community of players that enjoy most aspects of the game; however, we generally avoid anything that involves role playing simply because it falls outside our members interests. That said, we will always have an open-mind to any activity that promotes high-end game play or a display of skill.


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    November 3, 2017 10:55 AM PDT

    If you are interested in Server/World firsts, an organized and fun environment, Condemned is for you. Come check us out!

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    November 8, 2017 7:08 PM PST

    We hope Pantheon provides a return to a time where individual players and guilds held significance. A time when servers felt unique, reputations were earned, and true communities developed.  And though we have a competitive playstyle, our aim is to avoid having the elitist attitude that is so often associated with it.  As Enzo stated, we are seeking to promote the game's community both on our future server and in general.  "Our door remains open to anyone wishing to establish events or discuss items important to the community."      

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    November 17, 2017 2:32 PM PST

    In the current era of MMOs, the concept of guild seems to have been somewhat bastardized and made little more than a chat channel for acquaintances. With games like GW2 and ESO, the ability to join multiple guilds all at once has, in my opinion, generated a perception that guilds are nothing more than fickle social groups where players don't get to know one another in the same way that you do when you belong to a single guild where your loyalties lie for an extended duration. I'm not saying that it's a wide sweeping perception, but that's the direction those two titles (among others) have kinda steered it. While multi-guilding seems like it'd be conducive to expanding social/community interaction, I think it has the opposite effect by setting up a situation where you have few friends but tons of acquaintances in the game (for players without a "true guild"). It's akin to having a 1000 friends on a social media platform as opposed to having 50. How many of those could you actually know, or even have time to interact with regularly?

    I believe that a player should only be able to belong to one guild in a game, especially for the community and significance factor. I'm not against a feature that would allow players to set up social groups for regular interaction, but they should be set up in a way that doesn't detract from the concept of a guild in an MMO.

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    January 26, 2018 5:29 PM PST

    Lots of great things happening in Condemned. We have people excited about Pantheon and we are working hard to prepare for the game.

    Come check us out!

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    March 20, 2018 11:22 PM PDT

    Awesome guild glad to have been givin the chance to play with yall over the years.

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    April 28, 2018 8:24 AM PDT

    We have a big commuinty event coming up on the 11th of May,  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.   Here is a link to more information about it on these very fourms.

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    May 4, 2018 1:13 PM PDT

    Hope to see everyone there along with some new faces from the Pantheon community, can't wait!

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    May 5, 2018 7:06 PM PDT

    At 10:00 PM EST be sure to check out Scribble and the Baby Bird himself, Wisdom W. Wisdom for tonight's Team CND focused episode.

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    June 13, 2018 5:22 PM PDT

    Awesome to see the new post on tanks and some very interesting abilities when it comes to Pvp

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    June 18, 2018 9:34 AM PDT

    Ain't that the truth. All of the tank classes look great on paper. I love the diverse utility and styles of tanking between them, as well. Dire Lord is my most anticipated at the moment, due to the atypical tanking approach.

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    June 19, 2018 1:40 PM PDT

    Dire lord is looking very tasty