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Gnomes and healing

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    May 20, 2020 6:13 PM PDT

    Transkor said: Is there a particular reason why Gnomes do not have a healer class? Seems like each race should have some variety of healer, be it a devout cleric, nature druid, spirit shaman, or something.

    There is indeed a particular reason. Because VR planned it that way :)

    Of the 9 races, 7 can be any of the 4 archetypes. Gnomes can't be Healers or Tanks, and Ogre's can't be CC or DPS.

    There was a long thread discussing the Race-Class matrix recently, and as often happens it got heated enough that it was locked :(


    Kiera said: Looks like those players who play gnomes are going to have a rough time in starting zones no tank or healer  hopefully a Summoner can at least summon a creature at a starting level to  tank or heal  for the group.

    Happily, there are a couple of promising solutions to this. The first is what Suterian mentioned:

    Suterian said: The only thing I see so far, lore info wise is that they will be pretty close to the Dwarves starting area. Which leads me to again "think" the Gnomes will be aligned with the Dwarves faction wise and within a short trek to their respective homes. Again, it's all guessing and speculation pretty much

    From what we've heard, Dwarves and Gnomes will be very close geographically. It sounds to me as though very early on- within very few levels - they should both be easily visiting each other's cities. And unless I missed an important announcement, yes they will share the same faction. To my knowledge, all three races on each continent will be the same starting faction. And of course Dwarves can be 2 of the Tanks and 2 of the Healers.


    The second hopeful solution is that VR has clearly stated that the race-class matrix is something that is revisited on a regular basis and that they won't hesitate to change it if they decide a change is needed. They just recently made one change to it, allowing Archai to be Summoners. And in a more recent stream, Joppa said there was another change they were already considering considering as well.