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The Neverending Sentry Totem OR The Open Libram OR...

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    August 22, 2017 7:33 PM PDT

    Hey, just a random idea.  I was once part of a forum community (I'm sure SOMEONE recognizes those names) where the class sub-forums ended up with these "social threads".  Basically where they just talked about whatever, which could include random chatter or discussions about their class and were, strictly speaking, "Off Topic" threads - so that nothing was technically off topic.  They'd go until they maxed the post count for a single thread, at which point the person who finished it off would start the next one.

    I was just reading the class forums and thought we should have something like that here.  The ones I know of were based off of classes (the totem one came from Shaman, the libram one came from Paladins, usually in the form of "Open Libram (number in Roman numerals, iterating with each new thread): Somethingfunnyrelatedtotheclass[often related to some happening of the day in game or pop culture reference or whatever].  I think there was one playing off of the "Power Word" motief for the priest get the idea).  They were just fun threads that got the community together and had the players chatting amongst themselves.

    Granted, it would be more functional with a post-launch game, but...


    I'm also not all up on all the EQ/VG classes/history, so I'm not sure what good names for such things would be given the lore (totems/librams/power word made sense in the game to which I'm referencing for those classes, though I admit I don't know if all the other class forums for classes I didn't play had them or not, and what types of nomenclature they used to title them).  But yeah, community building, yo!

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    August 22, 2017 9:53 PM PDT

    Hey, Renathras, I am not sure we will have anything like that but if we do it would be something we would consider on the new forums when we are able to make the move. We are currently still trying to clear some blockers so we can make that happen and I will keep you folks posted, so hold onto that idea for a while longer my friend.

    I have gone ahead and moved this to the Class subforum since it relates to classes.

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    August 27, 2017 9:43 AM PDT

    Ah, I gotcha.

    Well, it's just a thought.  As I said, a good way to build community, especially class communities which will develop over the course of the game.  Just getting people talking in a relaxed, friendly way about nothing in particular but related/constructed in a way to build up a community of people who know each other's names and such.  I remember being involved in one of these for the Paladin class forum on the WoW forums, and that eventually spawned a Facebook group.  Even now that few of us still play, I still remember people's names and they post there or in the Discuss group.  There was also another one I was part of (though less so) from the Tanking off topic threads in the Tank Role sub-forum (they got rid of them, I think, but they used to have class subforums and then role subforums, which both worked out pretty I'm not really sure why they got rid of them).  The threads were even the exception officially tolerated by the mods there, who otherwise didn't like off-topic threads (I guess having all the off-topic discussions specifically funneled into those off-topic discussion threads made their jobs easier).

    It's that kind of feel for the person behind the characters and building a reputation that I think Pantheon appeals to, and I'd like seeing that in the forums, too.  Even if it's just some off-topic class threads where people pop in and say "Hi" or "Oh hey, XXXX!  Haven't seen you post in a while, how're you?"  Things like that are what these kinds of threads are good for, and the community they help build is good, I think, too.  It can be done in class forums, role forums, whatever, really, as long as the group isn't TOO large (too many names to remember!), the Human brain is able to segment them and put them together.  So I got to know people in both the Paladin and Tanking ones, and my little Human brain was able to keep up with them.  "Oh hey, XXXX (from the tanking thread), how are you?  What do you think about the changes to your class in patch XX.XX?"  "Oh hi, PaladinY (who was famous for drawing My Little Pony representations of the common members of the thread)!  Haven't seen you for a bit.  You reup your account?  Want to do any Battlegrounds?"

    I dunno, just anything to build the community more.  :)