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Shadowcasters Gaming Community - End Game Raiding

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    August 13, 2017 8:39 AM PDT

    Guild Name: Shadowcasters

    Location: North America

    Timezone: EST

    Age: 18+

    Traits: End Gaming Raiding



    We are raffling off free copies of the game prior to release, and free months of subscription post release to our members.
    In addition we are offering an incentive program to promote guild growth, members who reach these goals will be given a "Trump Card" which they can use one time only to take priority of in game loot items.

    First 3 members to reach max level
    First member to reach a max level crafting skill (For each crafting skill)
    First 3 members to recruit 10 new members
    First member to be responsible for absorbing another guild
    Most time contributed to the guilds needs (Decided by me)

    More Incentives and Achievements are still to come.

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