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My Brain is itchy...

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    August 12, 2017 2:52 PM PDT

    What if pure melee classes could become a Bard later in their career by "Trading their (sword, dagger, axe, Gnome skull Flail, etc..) for Music", and magic classes could give up their pacts with magic givers (spirits, faerie, Gods, whathaveyouz) in the pursuit of true power.  Dark Power.

    And instead of being a completely unique class, each Bard/Necro iteration carried a "Piece of the Past".  Like a Shaman that turns into a Necro can command the skeleton of Wolves (or any other shaman spirit pet).  And a Bard that was once a Warrior prefers Sword and Shield Skills to compliment their Instruments.

    What if you treat Necromancy like popular cannon suggests, as a dark corruption of other magics in the pursuit of personal power.  And becoming a Bard as the Sublimation of one's violent past.

    Then it will make perfect sense to not launch with either of these classes, and still allow those who want nothing more than to Necromance, or Dance, their respective asses off something to look forward to as a form of progression.  And then maybe by the time the first expansion rolls around you open Necro and Bard up as pure classes with a fleshed out starting story.  You just tie in what their backstory is to character creation and poof, everybody is happy.

    And what if doing this changed your faction to Darkness, or Vagabond, as both are viewed as betrayal in the eyes of society.

    Then you could play out the "Kindred Spirits" arc and have a Bard and Necromancer work together to save a group made of the "Holy Trinity" from a creature too powerful to defeat.  You give the Necro some commanding "what do you know of power, foul creature" type dialogue, resulting in the creature summoning his minions and the Necro summoning his minions, and then the Necro's Abomination charges wildly from the darkness to lock the creature down... and then the strain on the Necromancer's Will begins to show.  The creature lashes out in recognition of this momentary lapse of focus, just to be deflected by the acrobatic entrance of a lyrically gifted Bard.  After a brief, "you started the party without me again" the Bard tongue lashes the creature into a violent frenzy and the Necromancer is run through in a flash.  His abomination shredded to pieces and his body limp upon the creatures lance.

    Just after a south park slap-length silence (you know the scene), and a healthy flow of blood, the Bard's melody slams into focus and begins again, the Necromancer, bursts into Lich form and posseses the crumpled pile of what used to be their abomination, rising up, pulling itself together, and tearing the creature to pieces while its minions scream in terror and begin to break ranks.  All the while the Bard is singing about Death to enhance the Necromancer's Will and strengthen the minions.  (I wrote the lyrics but I am shy...)

    After the battle ends you have the Necromancer resume their original form and order their newly enhanced Abomination to steal the most powerful part of the creature and absorb its essence, before the maniacal laughter kicks in and they collapse into a pile of robes Obiwan style, because of course the Necromancer was there for more power, not pathetic trinkets.  Then you have the Bard casually stroll off into the distance, with abomination in toe carrying a giant sack of loot over his shoulder. You have the Bard singing a song about making new friends.  Which you then reveal as the background sound track to the entire cinematic.

    You just leave everybody else lying on the floor and groaning about their defeat.  And maybe have a skeleton pop up after the B-roll and snatch whatever the Rogue stole during the fight and take off with it, straight benny hill chase to fade out.

    Yeah?  No?  My brain is a little less itchy now anyway.

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    August 14, 2017 10:11 PM PDT

    In terms of progressing a character into a necromancer, i'd suggest some kind of hybrid between the original class and the finishing class (so a warrior could progress into being some kind of dark knight, ranger becomes a wraith/stalker etc)


    p.s. post lyrics :p

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    August 15, 2017 11:07 AM PDT

    I'm too shy, get me drunk first.

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    August 15, 2017 6:47 PM PDT
    Get you drunk? Unfortunately I've never got a cooking/brewing profession to a high enough level... Perhaps I'll make that a goal if it's available in this game
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    September 16, 2017 4:11 PM PDT

    No one likes fun anymore...