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Halflings, Fire Magic, and Wizards

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    April 15, 2017 2:32 PM PDT

    When reading the lore, I saw that in Halfling history, a Halfling had the ability to use magic, specifically fire magic. Due to this, I was surprised when Halflings were not inlcuded in the list of races capable of being a wizard. At first I was thinking the reason that they couldn't be wizards was because none after the one granted this magic carried the same ability, but I ended up finding reasons that would say that they still had this power.

    It is said that some of the Esqaps are descendents of Kiri nobility, which would include Marthus, the first ruler of Kirensound. It would make sense if some inherited his traits, such as using fire magic. While that is just a theory and wouldn't apply to all Halflings, the lore gives something else that directly gives support. In the lore, the Laughing Wraith intended to use the 10th generation of his curse on his halflings to restore him to physical life, and he says that he intends to do this by using "the might of the First Magic", which implies even after many generations, many if not all halflings still carried this magic with them.

    Due to this, I'm curious why Halflings would not naturally be able to be wizards lore-wise, or some sort of magic class, since they have natural magical potential.

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    April 15, 2017 2:49 PM PDT

    Perhaps druids will wield the power of fire?  That would be my guess.

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    April 15, 2017 3:05 PM PDT

    kelenin said:

    Perhaps druids will wield the power of fire?  That would be my guess.

    Correct. The OP is not the first one to look at this way. Here's what Kilsin said...

    Kilsin said:

    fazool said:

    Kilsin please share this grave discrepancy.


    I apologize for my peristence but simply MUST passionately argue for "my" people:


    Behold exceperts from the very lore of Lyone and the Halflings

    • A refreshing blend of madness and mirth

    • youthful exuberance that never dims

    • a resolute spirit that makes them undefeatable.

    • effortless stealth of a wolf

    • the devious charm of a child

    • the Ward of Flame revealed himself to me

    • them in silence for a time.

    • granted him a First Magic: to wield fire.

    • Deceiving him with a disguise herself

    • Molsth, who thought her a harmless, misguided child.

    • a great student of riddle and the tricks of the Laughing Wraith.

    • you shall fall forever silent.


    Halfling have the gift to wield fire.  This sounds like either be summoners or wizards.  

    Their history is silencing their enemy and using disguises while, they are living in an illusion.  

    Clearly they are INT casters and the most logical is Enchanter.

    Their lore clearly defines this caster class.


    People interpret the Lore differently so I wouldn't call it a discrepancy, I will leave it for Justin to explain when the time is right but I can say that in this case, Fire = Druid as Druids are natural earthly classes that control the elements.

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    April 15, 2017 4:48 PM PDT

    Ah, that would make a lot of sense then. I didn't feel like wizards would be entirely appropriate for the Halflings' style based on the wizard description on the homepage, but I felt like they needed something that involved fire magic. This fits into that nicely. 

    I just assumed most classes were how they most commonly were in other mmo's, I'll need to start looking into them more in depth. My experience with Druid classes has mostly been plant/nature/life magic, I never even considered them being more of an elemental style, although that makes sense with nature/the world being composed of the 4 elements.

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    September 29, 2017 8:52 PM PDT

    I too, thought there may be a Halfling Wizard class, but thinking more about their Lore, I can see why there isn't.

    Wizards deal with arcane magic. Once found to have the 'gift', spend most to their time studying the ancient tomes, usually under one or more masters that spent most of their time studying.

    The Kiri (pre-Halfling) were travelers for most of their history,

              "... their lot was to roam across the vastness of their ancient homeworld Hiryth, under constant fear for their survival."

              Marthus spoke, ‘We are always on the run. We've never had a home.'

    being pursued by the Ferrath. Until Marthus receive a First Magic and rallied the Kiri to allow them to settle Kirensound.

    So figure a couple a hundred years or so to grow from a town into a kingdom. Marthus is spending his time growing a kingdom to pass on and doesn't seem to be holed up in a tower writing tomes of knowledge about his First Sight and Fire Magic.

    When things are finally settling down, King Olenspeth goes and trades away their future to the Laughing Wraith. Now the next five generation are trying to figure out how to escape the wraith's curse. Luckily, Lyone come along to solve the problem. Now add a hundred years of so for them, now Halflings, to arrive on Terminus.

    So, with all this, who would have time to study ancient tomes and where would the books come from if they could? It could also be as simple as that only the line of Mathus might have had the 'gift' and not all Kiri.

    A traveling people, a good basis for Warrior (defense), Ranger (travel and survival), Rogue (dealing with unknowns), and Druid (healing from the power of the land) due to having to adapt to changing locations and environments. But, alas, no time to study to become a Wizard.

    My two coppers.


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    February 18, 2018 4:21 PM PST

    I'f I remember right from the class/race list, Halflings can't be any of the "caster"/"magic" classes, can they?  They can be Warriors and Rogues (physical classes), and Druids and Rangers (nature classes), but nothing else.  Well, Bards, whenever Bards get into the game...but Bards aren't "caster"/"magic", either.

    This is basically the opposite of Gnomes, which can be all the "caster"/"magic" classes, but cannot be physical/nature ones (well, they can be Rogues, but it doesn't make logical sense with their lore and is probably more that some of the devs wanted to play Gnome Rogues and so "Word of God" made it so rather than it actually making sense...)  Note that Cleric falls under "holy"/"divine" (as does Paladin), not "caster"/"magic", in this sense of the terms.