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    March 17, 2017 1:25 PM PDT

    This is the class that I want to play the most. I was so happy when they said that they were going to be in, even if not at launch.


    Would love to see new spells like:


    Liquify Bone - Instant - Any Target (But extra damage/effect on Undead)

       Low levels would render a target's extremity useless (ie: arm flopping around like a wet noodle)

       Higher levels (critical hit) would literally liquify every bone in a mobs body (ie: the mob would collapse into a gelatinous blob)


    Chain Lifetap - Lifetap Over Time - Any Target

       When cast on a mob, the spell would (visibly) chain to any nearby others. The amount of the lifetap component would be the same, but the damage delt would be spread out across all mobs affected.


          Cast on one mob, heals caster for 60hp, damages that mob for 60hp.

          Cast on one mob with two others in the area, would still heal the caster for 60hp, but the three mobs would receive 20 damage each.


    Channel Anger - Instant - Undead Target

       When cast on a mob, the undead mob would "hate" whoever is highest on the agro list.


    Group Feign Death - Instant - Group (long recast time)

       For getting everyone's butt out of a pinch.


    Illusion Undead - Instant - Self and/or Group

       Not just the illusion, but have it so it can actually fake out undead mobs. In other words, replace invis to undead with this.


    Bone Trap - Instant - Any Target (longer effect if targets are undead)

       When cast, a trap will be placed on the ground where the caster is standing (that has a visible area of effect), and will root any mob that enters that area for the duration. Higher levels has larger area of effect)


    Eerie Eye - Instant - Single Target (limited range)

       Similar to Eye of Zomm in EQ, but has the ability to "tag" mobs within it's short range.


    Bone Spiked Barrier - Instant - Any Target

       Summon a bone barricade in the direction caster is facing. Blocks (and damages) whatever hits it for the duration of the spell.


    Shared Suffering - Duration - Group

       Averages all incoming damage across the entire party.


    Disturbed Earth - Instant - Area

       Summons random undead that are "buried" within the area of effect. (Undead things of varying species will climb up out of the ground, and attack anything that has agro on the party)




    More ideas for spells to come. These were just some off the top of my head.


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    August 8, 2017 8:23 PM PDT

    All any true Necromancer needs is a sack full of bonechips and a source of fresh(or less fresh) corpses.  You need parts to fashion your Abomination, skeletal minions to do your bidding, and an unquenchable thirst for more power.  Everything else is just Hipster Warlock nonsense.  I mean who wants to follow Warlock trends?  They have to trick demons into borrowing them power.  What good is that when you could just transcend death and become a Lich? You can just keep the power for yourself.  Warlocks pfft.  Lazy magic.  And don't get me started on the Druids stealing Faerie Magic, or the Wizards and their Familiars.

    Necromancy is a purest pursuit.  I refuse to serve Demons or the Faerie.  They will serve me or die, then their bones will serve me.  It matters not.