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it's looks a loot like EQ1 and...

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    January 12, 2017 7:08 AM PST

    will this cause some trouble?

    I really enjoyed all my time in eq1 but let me describ some unbalance i've seen and i don't want to see again:


    Cleric was the top healer, you have your 6 or 7 cleric on your ch rotation and your tank was ok, the rest of the raid was supported/HoTed buy droods but if you was the 4th drood raid leader prefer pick a dps, sorry dude. Let's cry about the poor shamy you need only one slow that take place on your AoW to result on a magical "you will not evade me!!!" followed few secs after buy a "loading please wait". We don't talk about the 2d sham because you don't get in raid.


    If you are the 3d monk and there are a SK that want to pull you will not doin stuff very exciting and your dps will not equal wizy or rog. The same for the only mage of the raid no need 2 for the same raison you are grab just for CoH/ROD/CoH/ROD...etc but your dps is far away than wiz/rog so you will not be second, you will not be in raid.


    For the the Nec if i don't do mistake Dots of a second necro woulden't stack sono need another one.


    I really found any of those specific features really fun and enjoyable but the dynmaics of the raid made some classes low represented.


    What i want in Pantheon is a lot of unique features for each classes but that can be fairly represented.


    my2cp ^o^

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    January 12, 2017 9:22 AM PST

    From here:

    Will you be able to raid in Pantheon?

    Yes, there will be Raid content in Pantheon. That said, the majority of content is being designed for grouping, with the remainder for soloing or raiding.


    Will Pantheon's classes have clear-cut roles such as the holy trinity (tank, healer, dps) or will they be much more flexible/customizable?

    Pantheon does indeed use a class based system, and those classes do fulfill roles, especially in group and raid contexts. There will also be opportunities to focus each class on more specific and specialized roles, especially at higher levels. That said, because we feel it’s important that classes fulfill distinct roles, creating interdependence is vital to a fulfilling social and cooperative experience. If everyone is the same, this simply cannot be achieved. Likewise, if every class is absolutely unique, grouping can become overly complicated and, in some cases, certain classes could be less desirable to have in a group than others. To avoid this, Pantheon will use a ‘quaternity’ system consisting of tank, healer, DPS, and crowd-control.


    Does that allay your concerns, Fizzle?

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    January 12, 2017 11:27 AM PST

    I never found any issues with over-representation of any class in EQ raids at least not when I was playing. We had mages, we had wizards, we had shamans, we had necros. Hell, we had 5 or 6 paladins, and used 1 or 2 as offtanks... the other paladins were simply dps (lol @ paladin DPS) or backup healing unless they needed to jump in as an assist. By the OP's logic, you would only need 1 warrior because you usually aren't tanking more than 1 boss at a time. But we always had 3, 4, 5 warriors and we rotated them.

    And that was in EQ. In a game like Pantheon where they are making it a focus point that each class brings something unique to the table, I don't see this being an issue at all.

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    January 12, 2017 2:45 PM PST

    My guild on EQ tried to keep 3 shamans min active during pop raids (a few points we had 6 active), 2 -3 necros, 3 - 6 SK AND pally, etc.  Only ppl who ever complained about being bored were our enchantersbut we never went "oh sorry, we already have our one token member of that class".

    We didn't focus on min/max classes tho, and we were still in the top 3 guilds on Mt and top 5 after the merger with EMarr. /Shrug mileage may vary I guess.


    I for one am looking forward to the class interdependence, sick of games where every class can do everything.

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    January 13, 2017 2:11 AM PST

    I don't really remember people being excluded based on class in EverQuest.  I remember situations where people were unhappy with their role (mainly tanks wanting to be main tank), but not situations where people were told to sit it out because 'we have too many .  That's the beauty of large raid forces.  I do remember guilds recruiting certain classes based on how many of each class they already had, though. 

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    January 13, 2017 2:58 AM PST

    thanks Vjek i diden't think to check in the FAQs i am reassured ;o)