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"open" level 1

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    April 19, 2016 9:07 AM PDT

    There were two main approaches to skills and classes in MMOPRGs:

    In Everquest, for example, a player chose their class when rolling the character and the future path was predetermined from that point.  For example, if a new player rolled up a Wizard they would forevermore follow the wizard path and only the wizard path.

    In EQN, however, they intended to remove classes entirely and simply make all skills and abilities available to everyone so folks could pursue any path they want.



    OK, I a traditionalist and I want more of the former rigid class structure, but I had an idea for a tiny &compromise& idea:

    At the very beginning with new players, allow everyone access to all level 1 abilities.    Only at the beginning.   The reason is that maybe a new player doesn't know if they like being a wizard or a monk or a cleric.  They have zero experience and might roll a character they don't like and then miss out the chance to try other things.

    Now I don't think this would be imbalancing nor game breakin.  In the real world we can all do basically everything to a tiny level.  What if we gave everyone all the level 1 abilities and folks could do anything as a true noob in the world.  Then they could even level up but at some very soon point (maybe level 2 or maybe level 5) they have to pick.  They have to then choose their career path and from that point on they are locked into a class.

    The beneift of this is that folks get to try out different abilities and see if they like them.  They get to do a little more at the low levels and even have a little more self support at low levels.  And it would be cool, for example, that a warrior gets a level 1 baby size heal.  Nothing game changing (in fact it wouldnt be more than bind wounds really) but just a little fun variety.


    For example - anyone can track an animal.  Granted most people stink at it and you need a trapper/hunter to do it but everyone has level 1 tracking skill - I mean we can all follow footprints in wet concrete so can track simple situations.  Same with healing and magic etcetera.


    Again, I want strict classes and strong delineation between them.  I think the very very beginning levels should be open.  Its more like real life too.




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    April 19, 2016 5:58 PM PDT

    I think that with solid class descriptions it should be sufficient for players to make a choice.  Besides, gameplay at lvl 5 is a pale comparison to gameplay at 30, 50 or even higher.  Tactics change, strategies won't get any true sense of your class in the first few levels.

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    April 19, 2016 11:27 PM PDT

    Agree with Vandraad, good class and race descriptions should be enough to give you an idea of your choices. Also, I assume we will get several character slots, so it will be easy to make several characters and play them for a few levels, to get an idea of how the class plays (I would do that anyway if I were completely new to the game).

    @Devs: Please make it so that it doesn't take a week (or whatever long time span) to delete a character :)

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    April 21, 2016 6:23 AM PDT

    It's an interesting idea for sure, but yeah, I can't imagine level one skills giving you much of a flavour for a class and it'd be pretty difficult also to get that flavour when you're mixing the skills of 10 other classes into your play style :)

    It makes me think of an idea though:  How about letting you reset a character if you get to, say, level 10 (or before) and change your mind?  No need to put all your gear in the shared bank (or make a mule and mail it to him).  No need to throw away *all* your earned skills (perhaps you started on languages or faction or whatever).  No need to re-do any general early quests.  You just go to a different class trainer and, whammo, you're level 1 at that class.

    What about that to solve some indecision related irritation?

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