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Blood Magic, Soul Magic, Essence and Necromancy

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    June 20, 2020 2:54 PM PDT

    (Fair warning: This is a rehash of an old and highly contentious thread. This is meant to be a purely constructive space. All criticism is welcome.)

    I'd like to start by saying that I'm VERY very very impressed with the work that has been done thus far and the incredible pace that good creative work made with heart and soul continues to be presented. Thank you, Visionary Realms! Thank you to the whole team! Y'all are working yourselves hard and it shows. We, the supporters and fans, appreciate the personal sacrifices you've all so obviously had to make to be delivering these truly unique mechanics to the MMORPG genre!

    Recently Mr Joppa and team released the Combat Synchronizing video
    which provided much satisfaction to me personally. The emphasis on flow and feel of combat makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. This is really what brings me back to an MMORPG -- how satisfying the combat and spell channeling/casting is.

    The opportunities that I see for complex magical effects, damages, buffs, songs, curses etc is overwhelming. I can see now why you decided to delay the Bard and Necromancer classes until post launch. I agree 101% with that decision. They deserve all the time they can get. 'Baking' those two particular classes could easily take an entire 'expansion-worth' of development. My only request is that, in accordance with the simulation nature of VR and Verant (and to a lesser degree Sony) and Sigil and the obvious inspiration from reality in our games that we stay true to the 'realness' of these particular classes.

    Folks that play bards are almost always known for dedicating their time and effort so much that their bodies sometimes pay the price when proper exercises are neglected. Necromancers and Bloodmages are classes built around sacrifice and self-sacrifice. These are some of the most dedicated people I think we, as players, can encounter. Indulgent and somewhat antisocial behavior is always almost a staple of proper competition. So much so that a whole character class almost must be dedicated to it and controlling that sort of behavior -- Shadowpriest/Inquisitor/Chaospriest.

    We should not count out the importance of the most dedicated of our ranks of players and guides and their tendency to literally seek out the largest challenge with the greatest reward that can be shared with entire groups/parties, raids, guilds, or just nearby friendly (or unfriendly) Player-Characters. Bards, Necromancers, Blood Magicians, and Shadowpriests must have manas that reflect their roles such as Soul, Life (hp), Essence, Chaos. While I think the role of Soul and Essence are probably self-explanatory (mana a bard would have. mana a necromancer would have) mechanics do tend to get a lot more complex while the effects tend to become numerous and fuzzier in ability to perceive (Lich or Shadowbond immediately comes to mind).

    Hp as a casting fuel has been done well for three different generations of MMORPGs here. Chaos mana is something that started very well in Vanguard, but was eventually just abandoned (to my personal chagrin I might add!).

    I had very good experiences using Chaos Volley on my Sorceress. I do look forward to having experiences like that again... and an entire class dedicated to those kinds of experiences would be ideal of course. The Shadowpriest: I think we must remember the dramatic and unpredictable nature of Chaos mana and have its very use act as a potential *mana-drain+/- or *life-drain+/-  to either surrounding NPCs, PCs, and/or Self.

    I must note that much of my excitement comes directly from the segment of the YouTube video I linked that mentioned 'the Splatter mechanic' and the way the Dire Lord can temporarily hold onto negative effects and debuffs to spread them to a new group of enemies... This could be huge for casting classes that I have mentioned in this thread thusfar. The ability for a Shadowpriest to do the same and put his/her own life up for gamble is a position of utmost responsibility requiring expert finesse.

    CC and HP/AC/Resistance buffs of course would tie in very deliberately. Psychic type attacks and buffs/debuffs to a lesser degree, with some abilities to charm or temporarily charm undead and demons, minor Damage Shield(s), and minor slows/snares/DoTs much in the fashion of general Warlockery or similar to Psionicist, specifically movement speed buffs and haste and simulacra, potentially culling attacks that are based on piercing or striking or edged weapons which deliver powerful temporary debuffs or DoTs or reverse Damage Shields, temporary totems that *may provide debuffs/buffs/healing/damage...

    Unique buffs that allow certain kinds of damage (and certain kinds of manas!) to be absorbed and potentially heal the effected target or provide stacking buffs, experts of counterspelling and using magic in unconventional (somewhat like the spellblade or shadowblade of the Final Fantasy universe)... that kind of stuff. Loads of debuffs and detrimental effects. The possibilities are open and often mean subduing the freedoms and possibilities' of other classes to crack a whip of balance. Shiva and Satan perhaps would have little regard to a proper Inquisitor or Shadowpriest. They'd probably view one another as equal.

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    June 20, 2020 3:08 PM PDT

    Hmmm also Necromancy and Deamonolgy of course. We can get pretty deep into it eventually with more and more powerful pets potentially having radiating Chaos auras that provide various effects in a layered AE distance. Ghostly chill, Demon rage, Vacuuous Presence, Hallowed aura, Vampiric embrace....