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    November 29, 2019 2:57 AM PST

    Wizard related burning questions

    Without further ado:


    1) Will Wizards have "Levitate" spell?

    2) Will Wizards have "Invisibility" spell

    3) What's the current VR standpoint on "colored mana"? Will it be implemented or have you abbandoned this idea due to ... (what?)?

    4) For a DPS class that "wield a force barely imaginable in awe and effect" wizard spells do underwhelming little dmg in streams compared to other classes (I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be less damage per second than classes that do small but consistent dmg). I get that everything will undergo balancing (probably numerous times) - but even at this stage dmg is nowhere near values it should have. Could you explain that?

    5) With dispositions system in place - will it be possible and more importantly effective to quad-kite?

    6) How will spell (abilities) scaling work? Will it be "EQ style" Spell-line, where at certain levels we will get a better version of a spell ? Will abilities scale only to our level, skill and stats? Or perhaps abilities will gain its own exp and levels when used?

    7) Will there be magic caster weapon that will have medium-long range auto-attack?

    8) Frozen Fortress - Will this ability (or any other barrier abilities) protect us from getting one-shoted (like from boss devastating attacks) or will dmg above barrier treshold (from the same attack)  automatically go through hp?

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