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    November 7, 2019 10:59 AM PST


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    Very Visionary

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    November 7, 2019 11:20 AM PST

    The pieces don't seem like they fit together nicely... more missing!

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    November 7, 2019 11:42 AM PST

    Whoa? Did you lose your horse, Kilsin? :D


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    November 7, 2019 11:52 AM PST

    I know the pieces fit 'cause I watched them fall away

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    November 7, 2019 3:33 PM PST
    Looks kinda like a sundered planet with floating continents!
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    November 7, 2019 3:33 PM PST

    2x post again sorry mods.

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    November 7, 2019 4:46 PM PST

    I've seen this before. I think it was when I was stuffing my face hole with reeses cups at an alarming rate.

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    November 7, 2019 5:09 PM PST

    man...was busy today didnt get to watch the stream...gotta play catch up now,, :/

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    November 11, 2019 10:10 AM PST

    Fragile said:

    I know the pieces fit 'cause I watched them fall away

    Can always appreciate a good Tool reference ;)

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    November 11, 2019 5:58 PM PST

    I stared into the eyeless face of an eclipse as it bore down upon my world, crowned in the dust of those it had already turned to nothing.

    His gift of creation melded with the powers afforded to him by his encounter with Semina’s “Eyeless face of an eclipse”.


    I copied both sentances from the lore.  So I believe we are looking at an eclipse.


    Maybe this accounts for " prismatic auroras" we see in the pictuce also.  >>>>  When Ittiro glimpsed the light of Ginavi’s passing, said to be manifested in a bright array of swirling, "prismatic auroras" that swelled across the skies and sent forth a sound that stretched across the entire planet, his howling shriek shook the land.

    As for the claws I say they belong to the dragons. But I saw a dreadful power spread its wings over the cosmos, and it pierced my faith in the past. ( That is one big dragon. ) >>>Rok'Nhilthamos was, or rather "is", a beast of such mythic size and strength:   I also notice the claws are broken. I'll have to dig a little deeper into the lore to see if I can find a clue or anwser to why the are broken.  I'll have to do that later. When I have the time.       All this is just for fun as I try to solve the riddle of the picture. Not all riddles are spoken with words.

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    December 24, 2019 7:21 PM PST

    Glad to know I was on point with this. I also notice the nine dots and figured them to be for the nine races, but I didn't say as much in my last post.  Been so busy with the Holidays and real life since my last post that I haven't been able to dive back into the lore.  The broken dragon claws hasn't been anwser as far as I'm aware. Why are the claws broken? Where have all the dragons gone? The claws make a broken ring around Terminus. So in the center of the Broken dragon claw ring is our home Terminus this tells me a lot.

    Are the dragons responsible for bringing the nine worlds of the nine races to Terminus? If so why would the dragons do such a thing?  Hmm. If Rok'Nhilthamos wings spread " over the cosmos" he can be responsible for brining the nine race worlds to Terminus.  I'm leaning to think we have a spiritual war going on between the deities of the nine races and the dragons and or Semina.  If Semina is known as a "Eyeless face of an eclipse and Rok'Nhilthamos wings block out the light from the Sun. Both signify darkness to me. Darkness equates to evil. So do we have a type of spiritual war going on? Are we going to see something in the future like PoP from EQ being introduce to the lore?   I got more, but it'll have to wait. Got to go play Santa Clause now for my kids.

    Again all this is just for fun. Please feel free to jump in here and tell me what you all think.