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I hope VR Dev got Balls like Black desert Online Dev

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    November 4, 2019 10:26 AM PST

    warning /rant

    Im not taking about Black Desert Online Remaster im talking about the old BDO


    That link is FF14 1.0 exp party there are many more on youtube. The current FF14 dont have that. They have instance party group with no real communication or connection to other player its a solo/raid group oriented gameplay.

    The Producer Hiromichi Tanaka FFXIV1.0, and the dev didnt have enough balls like Black desert online Producer and Dev. FFXIV 1.0 was a masterpiece when i first saw it and played it. love the open world (even tho it was copy and paste) but they could change that as the game progress. I learn all my jobs through rigirious exp party grinds and got kudos for knowing how to play my job. In the interview i alway have this feeling when i look at the producer face when a question was asked "Why FFXIV fail?"..I feel as tho he wanted to say the game failed because the players wanted a different type of Final Fantasy game similar to all these garbage instance, action, bright flashing, clones of garbage. Of course he couldnt say that! but i feel thats what he wanted to say but couldnt because of his position. I participate in Alpha/Beta and there were a few bug but not to the point of a Reborn!


    When the game was release thats when NEW player from OTHER mmo came to FFXIV and went into the Fourm to complain and cry until it became a Reborn. Now FFXIV is just like any other mmo out there UI, instance, gear dye, etc.. all of what THEY were used to being fed from the garbage mmo factory farm. (One Example): Looking at the Palidan (tank in the video) she only have 10 slot but can be rotated for more slots ability, etc. The NEW voices cry out so loud that FFXIV kept changing with every new patch until it bacame another whole new game. They lost their Goal, Direction, Ambition, Core of the game principle, The lost their Mojo and just gave in to save the Final Fanstasy iconic name.

    The Dev at Panteon mention we'll have a few ability slot? Uh ooH...Pantheon 2.0-3.0-4.0 ...~~ Rebirth???

    Now why did i say I hope VR have balls like Black desert Online? Because the Producer and Dev dont give a dom about what you have to say. I read forum "RNG is too hard" (Dev dont care), "EXP grind to long" (dont care dont give a dom), etc (dont care). They stuck to the core principle of their game and improved little as they go if they see it needs improvement THEY make the decision not the New Voices. 


    I Hope VR have some HUGE balls and stick to their core principle and dont cave to new voices and have a new Pantheon Rise of the Fallen 2.0 Rebirth. These new voices come, destroy, ruin, throw gas in the forums, complain, moan, cry, change the core of the game until they get a riot on the forum then they leave the game after the damage is done. They're never satisfy.

    You say you want the niche crowd, well i hope the mondern corwd dont change your core game into something else.

    /Rant off

    Stay strong VR! Onward and Upward!

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    November 4, 2019 10:52 AM PST

    VR does need to keep the practicalities in mind as well. 

    A good game that appeals to enough people to make it financially sucessful will be a lot better for the players .... than a *perfect* game that fails.

    A good launch within a reasonable time frame (no I won't say what I think that means) will be a lot better than a *perfect* launch years later as the money has about run out and most of the fans have given up and left.

    I agree that if they abandon their design goals so extremely that they release a low-budget WoW clone this will be terrible. No up side for us at all - success will be as useless as failure to players that want something better. But if they compromise on a few things and have a game that does *most* of what they are working towards that is a whole lot better than no game at all.

    In other words - its all a matter of judgment and how much they feel it is necessary to compromise. Too much compromise is bad - we agree on that. But if too little compromise leads to failure will failure help anyone? That is their judgment call to make.

    By the way I disagree in all respect with one thing you said. I hope many of them have no balls at all. Women are better at many things.

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    November 4, 2019 1:15 PM PST

    bdo devs are in a totally different culture.

    1.  asian culture doesn't care about feelings.  mastery is all that matters.  the western audience is a bit more... sensitive.  so japan is willing to compromise to tap into the market.

    2.  bdo makes most of it's money in korea, so the publisher -pearl abyss- still has to conform to the devs(pearl abyss wanted to port the game to the western market so devs hold the power here).

    3.  bdo has unique and very engaging combat.  it's very fast.  it's very pvp.  it's very competitive.  to get to a point where u can even hold your own takes ALOT of time not just with gearing, but a certain degree of martial arts with your fingers, eyes and decision making.


    it's more or less about knowing your customer base.  i do agree that devs shouldn't sell short of their vision(pun intended for vr), but compromises should always be considered.  this is a healthy coexistence with developer and player.


    assessing from what i've seen on the forums, we are mostly of a 'western culture'.  gaming by definition of the west is entertainment at best(a way to alleviate stress).  (this is just an at glance assessement)eastern gaming culture can be a career at it's best, highly competitive.  of course both cultures suffer from the 'poison to society' stigma.


    we can see the same thing with blizzard compromising so they can tap into the chinese gamer market(i think that's fine), BUT i just found it hyprocritical that they went against their core values.  no one likes a sellout.


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    i think if vr ever went against their core values, i'd vacate immediately.  just to tie to to the 'like post', a highly social game, involves communication.  suppose this is why i find vr charming.

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    November 4, 2019 2:54 PM PST

    Moved to Off-Topic as it does not directly relate to Pantheon and is more of a rant/comparison to BDO. 

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    November 4, 2019 5:04 PM PST

    Kilsin said:

    Moved to Off-Topic as it does not directly relate to Pantheon and is more of a rant/comparison to BDO. 


    thank you Kilsin for moving it to off-topic.


    i should of said guts instead of balls, anyway comprimised is good if done correctly. where as FF14 just throw away that group exp and went with group raid exp to level up fast. i do agreed that Pantheon need new blood in order to amassing wealth and becoming financially independent is a slow process that takes time. that i agreed wih you guys. A perfect game with low population only bring a slow death to the game. I know VR will make sound decision on their game and i will support them. If not then all i can do is post a agree and disagree comment..

    So far i hear lots of bells and whistle of the things i like of EQ and FF11 in Pantheon. I was concern that Pantheon might comprimised to the extreme and lose sight of their core game values and gave in to every cry under the sun. I was concern because i watch FFXIV 1.0 and it was nostalgic comparing it to the current FFXIV it brought back memories of troll flaming the forum and the Dev gave in to  every demands..

    thanks for replying to Off-Topic.