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Skar Passives

  • Wig
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    November 9, 2019 2:21 PM PST
    I’ve been thinking..a good active racial for skar is a regen. Like upon using the ability regens every resource (health, mana and any other special resource such as “vision” for shaman or “endurance” for rogues) over 5 seconds.

    As for the amount it regens, I guess that would need to be determined, but I was thinking 50% of each resource. So 50% of your health, mana and so on. A good short cooldowns would be nice also..say 2 minutes :) (some balancing may be required)
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    December 6, 2019 9:16 AM PST

    I think it will make a difference for classes that have abilities that work with max HP.  (I think the Skar will make great DL's especially since DL can increase things like regen and manipulate their HP so much)  i.e. It is very likely that the DL will have some abilities that manipulate their max HP, and the cleric has abilities that allow them to match their HP pool with their defensive target and then heal a target for that amount, while it is also likely that they will be able to further increase a character's max HP.  Dwarves can't be DL's and stats at end game will likely all a hard cap that can be met through gear/buffs.  If the DL is capable of raising their max HP by X%, this would make the Skar passive compound this effect, making that ability stronger on a Skar... and I am really thinking that the DL will be able to do something like this at some point.