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las choices for each class

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    June 12, 2019 12:21 PM PDT

    Is this an accurate description? What do you think are must have, situational, or abilities that need additional ranks? Do you think LAS of 12 is too restrictive for healers? Is it fine for DPS and tanks?

    I will add other classes as I go.
    Passive abilities are not included.
    Multiple ranks are used for mana efficiency purposes at the cost of duration, power and action slot.
    The purpose of this thread is to give players a general idea of what abilities to take with a LAS of 12.
    Side note: We do not know cast or cooldown times and isn't factored in my assessment. Feel free to express any constructive thoughts or opinions. ??? indicates a vague understanding of the ability or maybe a separate action bar.


    Featured Abilities
    White Light: CC DoT undead only / situational
    Celestial Focus(Epic Skill): resource gain self buff / must take
    Tome of the Initiate: ???
    Resurrect: tedious swap when someone dies
    Plea of the Devout: brez / must take boss / advise take
    Celestial Aegis: enviromental
    Awaken Bravery: max HP and armor buff / situational
    Ethereal Armor: armor and glancing hit buff / situational
    Signet of Refreshing: resource gain party buff / advise take
    Edict of Stillness: CC / situational
    Edict of Peace: minus hate buff / must take PvE
    Light of Murik: enviromental
    Olamai's Blessing: decurse / situational
    Rebuke: damage plus DoT to undead / situational
    Revile Undeath: damage with MS debuff undead only / situational

    Melee Abilities
    Determined Strike: damage / situational
    Searing Cudgel: damage plus bonus damage to undead / situational

    Healing Abilities
    Celestial Light: heal / must take / advise 3 ranks
    Burst of Life: fast heal / must take / advise 2 ranks
    Light Shroud: HoT / must take
    Arcing Luminance: AoE heal / advise take / advise 2 ranks
    Eko's Purifying Bolt: damage undead only jumping heal with cure poison and disease / situational
    Reckon's Shield: damage reduction buff / must take boss / advise take
    Reckon's Barrier: ability enhancer for Reckon's Shield / must take boss
    Reithal's Luminous Shield: emergency heal / must take boss / advise take
    Vigilance: unique heal / advise take boss
    Coalescence: health pool link / advise take

    Summary: 5 slots must take for healing. 6 slots for advise abilities. 4 slots for advise down ranks. 12 LAS exceeded excluding situational abilities. Clerics can custom tailor for long or short fights, AoE or single target and have abilities to deal with high burst or high DPS. Skill and knowledge gap will be prevalent.

    Dire Lord

    Featured Abilities
    Harmshield: AoE reflect damage / situational
    Provoking Phantoms: plus hate self / must take tank
    Dire Mark: redirect damage / must take tank
    Essence Thief: teleport swap with resource gain and conditional effect / must take
    Baleful Severing: guaranteed damage resource gain / must take DPS / advise take tank
    Grip of Torment: healing debuff / situational
    Bloodfiend: reflect poison or disease / situational
    Leaden Blood: MS debuff / situational
    Canopy of Blood: magic immunity area / situational
    Sanguine Shield: magic damage reduction / situational
    Deafening Whisper: silence / must take

    Blood States ??? Stance action bar?
    Nightmare Blood: plus hate self
    Torrential Veins: HP regen and resource multiplier
    Essence Leech: increase crit chance and conditional self heal

    Melee Abilities
    Thresh: bleed / generates resource / must take
    Sanguine Blade: magic damage debuff / generates resource / must take
    Edge of Midnight: spellsteal / situational
    Abyssal Strike: damage bypass armor / situational
    Splatter: aoe debuff spread / situational

    Summary: 2 slots must take. 2 slots must take tank. 1 slot must take DPS. Dire Lords flex abilities depending on group composition and enemy types.



    Featured Abilities
    Imbue Trait: Black Wolf's Swiftness: MS buff / situational
    Imbue Trait: Oaken Regeneration: HP regen and healing buff / must take
    Imbue Trait: Panthra's Claw: strength and armor buff with physical stun immune / situational
    Imbue Trait: Swiftgill's Fin: underwater MS and breathing buff / situational
    Imbue Trait: Vale Hawk's Grace: jump height increase and slow fall buff / situational
    Imbue Trait: Grizzly's Resilience: stamina and armor buff with physical stun resist buff / situational
    Imbue Trait: Thunderpaw's Resilience: ??? replacement for Imbue Trait: Grizzly's Resilience?
    Mantle of Leaves: conditional invisibility / situational
    Firefly: enviromental
    Vinewoven Bridge: enviromental
    Wandering Stones: ??? Passive?

    Healing Abilities
    Verdanfire Seed: buffer heal / must take
    Preserver's Wildfire: AoE heal and damage / situational
    Vinewoven Grove: self defensive buff / situational
    Weave the Wind: nullify physical range damage buff / situational
    Verdanfire Tree: unique / must take

    Hirode's Abilities ??? Pet bar?
    Hirode's Flame: core heal
    Hirode's Focus: ability enhancer
    Hirode's Gaze: nature and fire debuff
    Hirode's Presence: plus healing
    Hirode's Shelter: plus healing with hate management
    Hirode's Rescue: conditional teleport and CC
    Hirode's Chrysalis: death protection

    Offensive Abilities
    Call Lightning: conditional multiplier damage / situational
    Verdanfire Vines: reflect damage party buff / advise take
    Verdanfire Spear: damage with conditional silence / situational
    Upheaval: displacement with conditional cooldown buff / situational
    Rockvine Tangle: root with DoT and conditional armor debuff / situational
    Gust of Leaves: spell interrupt with conditional guaranteed crit to enemy / situational

    Summary: 3 slots must take healing. 1 slot for advise abilities. Druids balance abilities for damage, utility and buffs. Pet control, targeting and combo intensive.


    Featured Abilities
    Illusion Graft: Acuity: spellcast buff / must take
    Lyrith’s Grace: tedious swap faction standing buff
    Enshire’s Faint Whisper: mana regen buff / must take
    Illusions: ???
    Squee’s Mimicry: tedious swap to bypass patrols
    Squee’s Grand Foolery(Epic Skill): tedious swap to party wide bypass patrols
    Rend the Mind: damage with mana gain party / advise take
    Malison’s Crushing Grip: DoT magic resist debuff / must take
    Malison’s Lucid Dream(Epic Skill): bypass resource buff / must take
    Malison’s Lucid Nightmare(Epic Skill): unique / situational
    Illusion Graft: Harm: DoT / must take
    Illusion Graft: Exhaustion: physical high DPS damage debuff / situational
    Eyumai’s Dulling: physical high burst damage debuff / situational
    Hush: silence / advise take
    Forceful Will: steal magic resist / situational
    Control Breath: tedious swap reduce aggro radius
    Ghaven’s Wild Display: AoE stun / advise take
    Foolish Fire: wandering CC / must take / advise 2 ranks
    Mesmerize: CC / must take / advise 2 ranks
    Charm: CC / advise take
    Shock and Awe: confuse / advise take
    Thought Thief: hate management / must take PvE

    Summary: 2 slots must take CC. 2 slots must take damage. 2 slots must take utility. 1 slot must take PvE. 5 slots advise abilities. 2 slots advise down ranks. 12 LAS exceeded excluding situational abilities. Enchanters will have to setup and adapt to situations quickly. Skill and knowledge gap will be prevalent.


    Featured Abilities
    Elbow Strike: damage / must take
    Flurry Punch: channeled damage / must take
    Setting Sun Kick: debuff with resource generate / must take
    Rising Moon Kick: damage with conditional buff / must take
    Blast of Chakra: damage with CC / situational
    Mountain Pose: cleanse poison and disease with armor buff / advise take tank
    Strike of the Wandering Wind: delayed reflect physical damage with heal / situational
    Kick of the Raging Gale: damage with displacement and generates resource / must take
    Kata of the Flickering Flame: CC with minus hate / must take PvE DPS
    Kata of the Wandering Wind: dodge and counter melee attack buff / situational
    Iron Palm: taunt / must take tank
    Feign Death: hate management / must take PvE DPS
    Inner Fountain: resource gain / must take
    Harmonious Bond: self heal and HoT with attack speed buff / must take
    Resonating Palm: damage with self heal / advise take tank

    Summary: 7 slots must take. 1 slot must take tank. 2 slots advise abilities tank. 1 slot must take DPS. 2 slots advise abilities DPS. Monks have limited slots left to flex and will have to sacrifice damage for survivalibity or vice versa.








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    June 12, 2019 4:43 PM PDT

    Not really sure why this was posted in General Pantheon, instead of removing it, I moved it to Pantheon Classes, please be mindful of where you post or you risk having your post removed completely.

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    Kilsin said:

    Not really sure why this was posted in General Pantheon, instead of removing it, I moved it to Pantheon Classes, please be mindful of where you post or you risk having your post removed completely.


    appreciate the heads up overseer kilsin!

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    June 13, 2019 1:57 PM PDT

    I really don't get the topic at all , is that a forum version of the wiki skills-pages ?

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    June 13, 2019 3:27 PM PDT

    MauvaisOeil said:

    I really don't get the topic at all , is that a forum version of the wiki skills-pages ?


    ah i forgot to ask my questions... that would explain alot >.>

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    June 13, 2019 4:15 PM PDT

    Got it.

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    June 15, 2019 5:27 PM PDT

    I would tend to agree with you that 12 slots probably isn't enough for healers IF multiple ranks are required for serious play.  This is especially true if the class special abilities require any sort of priming using non-healing abilities.  You listed it out above for clerics and clearly 12 isn't enough for just the healing/cleansing aspect let alone a fully rounded character.

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    June 16, 2019 7:02 AM PDT

    Cleric general healing purpose:-

    • Celestial Light (Builder, moderate heal, armour buff, single target)
    • Celestial Light Rank (X) (Builder, moderate heal, armour buff, single target)
    • Burst of Life (Spender, High heal, quick cast, single target)
    • Light Shroud (Heal over time, single target)
    • Arcing Luminance (Group heal)
    • Reckon's Barrier (Emergency damage damp, single target)
    • Olamai's Blessing (Cures curses)
    • Signet of Refreshing (Resources multiplier)
    • Resurrect
    • Plea of the Devout (In combat res)
    • Ethereal Armour (Armour buff)
    • Awaken Bravery (Max health and armour buff)

    That's 12 skills for general healing as a cleric, its limited and tight but you get everything you need, you can change out the buff skills after buffing if you need too and you can change the healing down ranked skill for Eko's Purifying Bolt if you need to have a poison and diseases removal. Saying 12 skills is not enough is just down to bad planning, you can make 12 skills work just fine. Does it have to make sacrifices, yes of course but that's the point of limited action bars. Does it mean you'll have to focus on healing only if your the only healer, yes it does you don't have room or mana to spend on DPS skills.



    For down ranking you don't want to down rank the following, Light Shroud & Burst of life, as we've seen on videos there mana cost is extremely effective already and are only held back by needing celestial power.

    Down ranking from what we've seen is fairly bad so far (unless you factor in word of lightful), this is the same skill at different ranks:-

    Rank 4                                                         
    Celestial Dawn = 2.5s cast / 1.5s cool down     
    Costs = 38 mana                                        
    Generates 1 celestial power                            
    Heals = 221                                                    
    Heal per mana = 5.8                                     

    Rank 2
    Celestial Flicker = 2.5s cast / 1.5s cool down
    Cost = 18 mana
    Generates 1 celestial power
    Heals = 74
    Heal per mana = 4.1

    So as you can see above without any gear that is increasing healing by a flat amount, its more worth while waiting with your heal and healing for the full amount of the highest rank skill to preserve mana, the only reason you'd want to down rank right now is if you want to build celestial power at a cheaper mana cost to use your more effective skills like Word of the Lightful.


    Word of the Lightful = 1s cast / 3s cool down
    Cost = 8 mana & 3 celestial power
    Heals = 392
    Heal per mana = 49.0

    as you can see with how effective Word of the lightful is, you may find it worth while using your Rank 1 Celestial builder (8 mana cost) to simple build 3 celestial power and then heal with Word of the lightful, word of the lightful is so effective compared to other heals from the cleric that it is worth spending 24 mana building it and then using it as your main heal. If you where to build 3 celestial power with rank 4 of the spell it would cost 114 mana. As I don't have the numbers for rank 1 (we've not seen it in a video) I will use rank 4 and rank 2 as examples for building celestial power

    Rank 2 = (3x18) + 8 = 62 mana
    Heals for = 614
    Healing per mana = 9.9

    Rank 4 = (3x38) + 8 = 122 mana
    Heals for = 1055
    Healing per mana = 8.6

    So we can see down ranking the celestial line, and using the highest word of the lightful results in more mana effective healing but at the cost of Healing per second. It's important to note that this would be even more true if we were using rank 1. You gain mana effective healing at the cost of Healing per second, this would only take up 1 additional slot for down ranking a skill. This may change when celestial power is working as described on the class page, in that effective healing will also build towards celestial power, it currently is only built by using skills.


    TLDR: You should not need to down rank to many spells to be effective at healing, and you cant be to fussy with 12 slots.

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