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pet classes

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    March 23, 2019 3:26 PM PDT

    So from what I can tell we have:

    Summoner, Enchanter (with Charm/Dire Charm), Necromancer (at some point), and Shaman. I exclude Druid because from what I read they really just act as a buff for the druid rather than a combat pet.

    Shaman doesn't become a combat pet until later levels (not sure how high).  Enchanter doesn't get Dire Charm until later levels.

    I am not familiar with the EQ shaman pet, but imagine its much weaker than the summoners.  Enchanter charms were nice, but Dire Charm reduced the effectiveness drastically if I recall correctly.

    Am I missing anything?  Do we have any details on how the pets will compare?  



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    April 1, 2019 9:51 AM PDT

    From the website summoner description:

    These creations are known as Arcamentals and are the primary way Summoners engage in combat.

    Based on this, it's probably safe to assume that these pets will be the strongest among them all, with the possible exception of necro pets, which we really don't know anything about at this point. Shaman pets, at least historically in the games I've played, have been weak dps. Again, from the shaman description:

    Agewalker's Companion

    Every Shaman begins their journey with a Spirit Companion, usually in the form of a Spirit Wolf Cub or a Spirit Bear Cub. In this form, the Spirit Companion will stay by your side, but will not interact with your enemies or the environment in any way. At level 10, the Shaman will lead their Spirit Companion through a Rite of Passage, turning the cub into its adult form. In this state, your Spirit Companion begin aiding you in battle at your command. It will also grow in strength as you do, gaining access to a host of unique abilities along the way.

    So, it sounds like this might be a stronger, more useful pet than previous iterations. Perhaps having a chance to proc a slow or something on hit. Lots of possibilities.

    I think enchanter pets have the potential to be the most interesting. It could be like Christmas morning, a new skill set with each mob you can charm. I suspect that in the charmed state, the mobs will be weaker than they are in the npc state, but how much remains to be seen.

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