The Visionary Realms Team

Every team member at Visionary Realms shares one thing in common: the unyielding passion to reforge the MMO experience. The team has come together from all corners of the earth to share in realizing this dream. Collectively, they have been involved in making dozens of games spanning over the past two and a half decades including EverQuest, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Star Wars: Galaxies, Ally & Conquer, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Spyro: The Eternal Night, Spyro: A New Beginning, King Arthur, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Creed and more.

Executive Team

  • Chris Rowan - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Executive Producer
  • Brad McQuaid - Chief Creative Officer, Executive Producer
  • Tim Sullivan - Chief Financial Officer
  • Daniel Krenn - Chief Technology Officer and Lead Programmer


  • Lynn Ashworth - Project Manager
  • Albert Barajas - Director of Technology
  • Benjamin Dean - Director of Communications
  • Chris Perkins - Creative Director, Audio Director and Lead Game Designer


  • Robert Crane - Senior Programmer
  • Tod Curtis - Senior Programmer

Art & Animation

  • John Diasparra - Lead World Builder
  • Jared Pullen - Senior Concept Artist
  • Julien Abenhaim - Animator
  • Will Barry - Character Artist
  • Ben Droste - Environment Artist
  • Forrest Imel - Concept Artist
  • Jerry Kulkis - 3D Environmental Artist
  • Bruno Rime - Technical Artist


  • Corey LeFever - Senior Game Designer
  • Ken Williamson - Game Designer


  • Justin Gerhart - Lead Writer


  • Pierre Cadieux - Systems Engineer, IT Security
  • Bret DeChristopher - Database Administrator
  • Kurt Habetler - Systems Engineer
  • Sam Scott - Systems Engineer, Database Administrator
  • Aaron Thomas - Web Programmer
  • Jake Williams - Web Programmer


  • David Schlow - Producer, Promotional Content

Community Managers

  • Ben Walters - Community and Web Manager, Lead Moderator
  • Jason Bolton - Associate Community and Web Manager


  • Tim Wathen - Lead Tester and Associate Designer
  • Kim Morrison - Lead Tester

Customer Service

  • Sierra Rush - Customer Service Lead & VIP Planner

Web Design

  • Jacob Tyler

Additional Contributors

  • Taylor Christensen
  • J.P. Targete
  • Dave Jezewski
  • Mind Traveler Design
  • Brendan Rogers
  • Jeanna Ruschell
  • Eric Serviss
  • Alex Williams

Board of Directors

  • Brad McQuaid
  • Chris Rowan
  • David Reitman

If you are interested in joining the Visionary Realms and Pantheon teams click here.